LEGO Universe Closing

LEGO Universe

The Lego Group will be closing LEGO Universe at the end of January (the 31st) due to a lack of paying customers.  The game went Free to Play (F2P) and saw hundreds of thousands of new players join, but failed to convert enough of them into paying customers to continue operations.

The heavily-promoted game went F2P earlier this year and saw an influx of players.  The monetization plan hoped to convert players to monthly subscribers based on a freemium model with fewer level caps and more options.  The game’s wide appeal, however, has mostly been to players under the age of 18 who are not likely to have a way to pay for a subscription without parent permission and this is likely what caused the failure to convert LEGO had hoped for.

The closure will mean that nearly all employees at the Play Well Studios in Louisville, Colorado and the marketing department in Billund, Denmark will be laid off – a total of about 115 people.