5 Things that Make EVE Online Different


1. The entire MMO genre has become increasingly stale over the past ten years. What started with classic RPG gameplay has led to a stifling of innovation as every game company attempts to copy World of Warcraft’s success. Medieval setting with fantasy elements seems to be the name of the game for any MMO that has been released. This is what makes EVE Online such a unique experience. It is not comparable to any other massive multiplayer online role playing game. It features quite different gameplay, and an entirely different social experience from any MMO before it. We’ve compiled a list of reasons how it’s different to go over the major gameplay features.


2. The game is set in space with all the players playing as various members of corporations. Instead of a guild system, companies are born that can battle it out in space for dominance and supremacy. These changes make the game feel different, as you are essentially working for a corporation instead of a race faction.

3. Probably the biggest difference between other games and EVE Online is how you level up your skills. Instead of actively training a skill that you want to level up, the process is passive. You pick a skill that you want to learn and then over the course of the week it automatically levels up, even if you aren’t in the game! This allows certain players who wouldn’t otherwise be playing time intensive games to get involved in the game. Someone who sits in the game for 22 hours out of the day won’t have much of an advantage over someone who only manages to play a few hours a week.


4. The biggest draw to EVE Online is how much espionage can take place in the game. Building new ships costs a lot of in-game money and they are worth quite a bit of time investment. When you join a corporation, they can give you access to their hangars and the corporation’s ships. The developers of the game allow you to grief one another in the game by stealing or trying to rip each other off. The in-game economy is full of trading and supply and demand. If you want to purchase the entire game’s supply of a material and then charge ridiculous prices for it, the developers welcome that kind of behavior!

5. EVE Online is considerably different from the standard fare of today. Combining gameplay that works for both casual and hardcore gamers, with a economy system that rewards you for doing dirty work, the game manages to remain fresh and crazy. It is one of the most inventive games that has ever been released and well worth any gamer’s time.

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