Blade and Soul Beginner Guide

Unlike other titles, Blade and Soul changed several traditional MMORPG systems that might give you a big confusion right after the first day of your journey into the land of martial artists. This 5,000 words+ Blade and Soul Beginner Guide was written with one main and pure purpose: to give you a core understanding of the game while leaving a room to explore it on your own. Factions, races, classes, leveling tips, dungeons, gold making strategies, and all fundamental yet important knowledge are included in this free guide.



Which faction will you side with – the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion? These warring factions will welcome the greatest martial artist, but it is up to the character to decide, early in the game, which faction they will fight with, and which cause they will uphold. Although they differ in views on managing the realm, they share the same goal of destroying evil, and you will be asked to choose one over the other. And since this will eventually mold the clans that will be available to you, you need to choose wisely.

The Cerulean Order

The Cerulean Order focuses on strength in a shared vision of a better tomorrow, making it different from the radical Crimson Legion. To make sure that they do not fall prey to the same corruption that plagued the predecessors, they maintain a careful system of checks and balances. They have a tendency to bond and work together.

The Crimson Legion

This faction shuns obsolete practices. They will rather shape a new path for themselves, leading the way into a future without some tyrannous organization dictating their lives. Break the chains of the past with this faction and break your spirit free!

Faction Benefit

As soon as the players join factions, real faction combat commences.

Players can choose to join one of the two opposing factions: “Wulin League” and “Turbid Heaven”, after they have reached Level 25 and have completed a specific quest.

A specific costume that represents your faction will then be granted. Wulin League in blue and the opposing faction in red.

You can accept faction quests with red arrows when you have entered the desert map. They can accept faction quests, as long as they are wearing the faction costume.

During quests, faction costumes cannot be changed. If players change to neutral costume before completing quests, faction quests will be abandoned automatically.

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There are 4 races in the Earthen Realm: Jin, Gon, Yun, and Lyn. Each race has a unique appearance and some inner power. The importance of choosing a race is it defines the class you can play. Be sure to check out what class is available for the race you want to be.


This tribe looks like normal human beings, but they are extraordinarily different from other human races in the world. They come with extra physical power and pure spirit. Jin people believe that they are ascended from the Black Tortoise who give them strength and willpower. Their never-give-up attitude proves them to be an ace in the battlefield.

Jins love justice and they are always willing to help people who are in trouble or danger. They are often seen as wandering warriors who roam around the world to seek people who may need help.

Available Classes

  • Assassin
    This is a signature class for the Jin. With swift attack and many tricks to deploy in combat like poison and explosives, an assassin becomes a tough force when fighting one on one. If you love cunning attack with speedy moves and high damage, then this is the class you will enjoy.
  • Blade Master
    They look versatile yet this class is useful in every battlefield. Blade master also portrays the Jin people, with the look of a merciful warrior wandering around the realm. Blade Master is the warrior who always stay in front of the battle line which best suits the Jin race.
  • Kung Fu Master
    Kung Fu Master is a balanced class as well as Jin. With the ability to turn the tide of combat, changing defense to attack, the Jin can fit the art of martial arts easily. Due to being fast learners with high determination, these characteristics make Jin become the most notorious barehand fighter in the world.


Gigantic body and fierce look are the signature of Gon race. They believe that their ancestors come from the breath of the dragon.

As their appearance shows, Gon are gifted with power and strength. They love to challenge anything. Being too proud of their strength, Gons are sometimes easy to be tricked. However, Gon is a humble race who will aid their ally and maintain the friendship as strong as their body.

In contrast to their appearance, Gons are kind and generous. If you are welcomed and accepted by Gons, you will see they are loyal and friendly. They only show rage and anger to the enemy.

Available Classes

  • Destroyer
    This is the most appropriate class for Gon. With fearsome appearance and strength of their physical power, it looks matched with Gon. That is why destroyer is only available for them. Destroyers exploit inner strength to wipe out their foes. Ability to fight in close range and grapple skill, Gons are a terrifying force in the battlefield. Who dares to confront them in combat will leave the field dead.
  • Kung Fu Master
    Gon can combine their composure and strength to unleash the force of Qi. Due to their strength, they can frighten enemies with their fists and legs. The arts of Kung Fu can cooperate with the fighting ability of Gon tribe very well.
  • Force Master
    It may seem strange to see the big guys and muscular girls use the force of nature to strike down enemy. Gon is not a meat walking like every one thinks. They can learn the secret of energy to use it as Force Master. If you want to see something new like a ripped body in wizard costume, let’s try Gon Force Master.


The uniqueness of Yun is this is class has women in it only. Yun believe they have inherited the power of phoenix. Yun’s goal is to restore the balance of the world. They will listen to the order of nature only, no personal or political force can compel them.

Yun are capable of artistic skill, they entertain themselves with music and poetry in hidden mountains and rivers. But when the world is chaotic, they will come to take away the evil to save the world. Don’t let their beauty fool you, this all-female race is good at combat as well as their force.

Available Classes

  • Force Master
    As they receive the order of nature only, it would be good to employ Yun member to cast the spell of elements. Fire and ice are forces that come from the world. Yun can be perfect match for this class. An angel-like lady casting a spell to take down enemy is a fantasy for you, isn’t it?
  • Blade Master
    Imagine the amazon warrior, an all-girl army. You can make it happen in Blade and Soul. Yun is not a race of beautiful girl who is innocent to the war. All female race is trained to be a warrior and can do well in battlefield not are weaker than men. The power of Yun can do anything to ensure victory over evil that tries to destroy the world.
  • Kung Fu Master
    As we already know that Yun is a warrior disguised in beauty. Yun can strike enemy with fists and legs with the power of Qi. The tribe who seeks to restore the balance of the world should play with the class that focuses on balance and concentration.


Lyn is the most strange race among other classes. Their appearance looks like a creature from fairy tale, small body with big ears and lovely tail. This is because they are descended from Kirin, a legendary creature. Lyn is known as mischievous and unpredictable.

Although they are smallest, they have a high survival skill. Since their struggle to get themselves away from harm. They can contact the spirit realm, so they can commune with familiar and mysterious powers of the Earth. Despite the look of mischief to them.

Available Class

  • Summoner
    As Lyn is the only race that can contact the spirit world, they can call upon the familiar. The creature comes in the form of a cat. Don’t let its cuteness lure you. The familiar is also a reliable comrade. The creature and master can cooperate to get rid of any threat. While the cat confronts the enemy, the force master will support and strike foe from behind with an unusual magic. This exclusive class is for Lyn only.
  • Force Master
    As the race who know the mysterious power and spirit world, Lyn can understand the elements well. Lyn’s Force Master is powerful not less than other race. With fire and ice elements, Lyn can control them at ease.
  • Blade Dancer
    Alike Summoner, Blade Dancer is only available to Lyn. Size doesn’t make them disadvantageous. Besides, Lyn sword user is similar to assassin, they come with swift attack, fatal damage, and high mobility. Although they are weaker in defense, Lyn’s Blade Dancer cannot be underestimated.





Quick and lethal combatant are the true identity of an assassin. They control the battle in a way they prefer, by using traps and poisons, striking enemies before they acknowledge.

They can drain the life from their foes over time with rapid fire attacks that cause bleeding and poison damage, thus whittling away at an enemy’s strength. They employ explosives, poisons, smoke, and other potent utilities to hobble their enemies, in addition to their razor-sharp Dagger which is vital. They can use strange martial arts that renders them invisible, teleport around the field, and even swap places with enemies in an instant, in addition to their ingenuity.

It is said that assassin is the best class in solo playing. It is easy to grind alone as assassin. With high damage and quick attack speed, plus trap and escape mechanics, it transforms an assassin to be a fearful force. That is why assassin suits solo play the most in PvE and strong in PvP.

Blade Dancer

Blade Dancers have invented their own unique blend of skills exclusive to their kind, instead of wholly adopting the techniques of the Blade Master. The combination of rapid attack speed, high mobility, and devastating control abilities at the expense of defense makes the Blade Master a force to be reckoned with.

They excel at one-on-one battles with the help of their high attack speed and ability to chain attacks. They have an undeniable edge in parties with the help of their crowd control skills. However, they risk running out of steam and leave themselves open to counter-attack if they are not aware of their Focus and don’t pace themselves.

Blade Dancer is like an assassin but in blade master form. You have swordsman skills but possess the speed of assassin. Absolutely, your damage, speed, and evasion can allow you to go solo in PvE. Evasion really helps you to save the cost for food and potion. The difficulty is not too hard, where attack and dodge are enough to survive the early content.

Blade Master

Blade Master is the standard swordsman class in MMORPG. They have a variety of attack and defense skills. The signature move of a blade master is the Block.

What makes them a powerful force on the battlefield is their wide variety of attack and defense skills. Their technique is made up a combination of high attack speed and certain moving around an enemy, evasion and blocking incessantly, while countering any attacks with annihilating comfort.

Although the Blade Master is difficult to master, it is also a well-rounded class that is easy to use. To be effective, it will take a great deal of skill and quick thinking. However, it does not have any visible disadvantages that enemies can use to their advantage.


Destroyers are fearsome in the battlefield. It seems like they are merciless to those who oppose them. This class represents a strong warrior that can brandish a big axe swiftly. These Destroyers are the beasts in group fighting since their signature moves are about AoE skills.

Apart from the enormous axe, their fighting style is also fierce and fearful. When one of the enemies is down, they will use the fallen body as a weapon, grab it, and throw the corpse to the enemy. Don’t be fooled by their look and combat style. They can be a good party leader as well. Their high strength and defense skills can make the Destroyers easily lead the party and protect all members.

Destroyer is a DPS role when playing as party. Although they are a melee class, their attack range is quite decent and wide. The position of a destroyer is in the front line of battle. Due to quite high HP, players don’t have to worry much about survivability. Destroyers can play as a second tank though it is not recommended.

Force Master

What makes the Force Master different from other classes is its ability to attack from a long range, enabling them to deal heavy damage from afar. They become a dynamic addition to any battle with their swift strikes and ability to move around while on the offense. Careful positioning is key to their survival since they have less endurance than the other classes.

Force Master is considered as a wizard class, as they possess high burst damage skills which trades off with being weak. Thanks to crowd control skills, force masters can disable an enemy who is charging to them. With these useful spells, a force master is a valuable asset to the party. Force master can play multi-role as DPS/Controller.

Kung Fu Master

The master of unarmed fighter is capable of knockdown movement. Of course, a lot of disable ability is always useful in any situation. Many grab and stun skills can lock down an enemy which can lead to his demise. Kung Fu Master (KFM) is another versatility class mainly due to its strength in both attack and defense. Plus, with the right combo, an attack with the perfect timing will ensure the attack goes smooth. If you are enough of a master, you can unleash your combo, and disable and attack, with the enemy none the wiser. The weak point of this class, however, is its difficulty.

Kung Fu Master is a balanced class; you can deploy KFM in both DPS and tank roles. Solo play is pretty good for KFM, with the counter attack and combo letting you have fun as you’re leveling, or even in dungeon or in a PvP. Take your time to practice the combo; you can make the most out of Kung Fu Master if you can continue doing a chain combo of martial arts.


The summoner is a special class, in a sense that they are not alone in the battlefield. Whenever they enter the battle, they will summon a Familiar as comrade. Working as a team can overwhelm incoming danger easier. While the cat rushes to the enemies, the summoner can support their pet from a distance. Being a summoner is appropriate to newcomers, yet it needs some practice to master the pet while blending with tactics from the summoner itself.

Role for this class is support and control. Although the damage of this class is not that bad, the best role for a summoner is to help the team or familiar to overcome a threat due to your possession of good supportive skills like heal or lock. The team will feel more comfort and play easier when a summoner is in the team.

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Whether your priority is building an impressive character or simply leveling up, the below guide will serve as a handy reference on how to strike a balance between these two aims. Your class will pretty much determine your progression and in order to do a good job of it, your class needs to be strong enough for two reasons: to fight off enemies and retain power.

In terms of AoE, your personal gaming speed will play an essential role without which leveling up will be difficult. Speed is an indispensable characteristic in your class’ efficiency in gathering several powerful mobs and dishing a swift kill in a single major blow.

In case you are nor skillful and quick enough to kill a group of mops at once with powerful AoE attacks, go small and destroy modest-sized mobs are still okay. It won’t be as efficient or as fast but you will still be able to level up. It’s recommended to put skill points in a crowd control. You will always need it especially when fighting against bosses.

Classes in Blade and Soul are quite balance in term of both PvP and PvE. Some classes’ weaknesses in certain areas such as defense like the Assassin are compensated by stronger characteristics such as a temporary boost. It’s also important to invest skill point in healing and regeneration since you usually have a chance to get a unavoidable hit when on a combat with a powerful enemy.

Gear and Weapons

Naturally, your decision when it comes to weaponry will also play a crucial role, specifically when it comes to upgrading. The simple rule that applies is: don’t scrimp too much but don’t be too lavish on the upgrades, either. Some upgrades are necessary especially when your attack damage begins to weaken. Reaching a certain level, say 40, you might find out that the weapon upgrade you just recently availed might be a complete waste of resources. Also worth noting: better, mightier soul shield and accessories come as you level up, so upgrade these as seldom as you can.


As previously emphasized, having a strong build will be a key factor in your leveling progress. The effects of having a powerful build will also be critical should you choose to level up via quests of which there are two – yellow quest (main story quest) and blue quest, which, although optional, provides weapon upgrades even without the experience. And while there is no single flawless character build, having one that factors in AoE, escape skills, healing and defense certainly couldn’t hurt. An accurate measure of your build’s success, though, will depend on how you’re able to balance both offensive power and defensive skills.

Sample of How You Should Leveling in Blade and Soul

There are various ways to gain exp in Blade and Soul. How you play Blade and Soul will also depend on what sort of gamer you are. You would either want to just get on with it and level up as fast as you could, grind on monsters and speed through the levels, or you could be the type who would take it slowly, have some sort of engagement with the story, and actually enjoy the game.

Character strength is determined by your choice of weapon, soul shield and accessories, as well as experience level. Skills, on the other hand, will depend on your class. When you first start your journey in Blade and Soul, levels 1 to 10 is only about familiarizing yourself with the interface and controls during the early phase, then proceed with the quests.

You can then continue with quests from level 13 until level 22. As previously mentioned, the more you grind mobs, the faster your ascension, so get ready for some challenging sessions in mob grinding locations such as Wraithbloom Meadows. Once you’ve done enough grinding, reach as far as level 31 by engaging in further quests. You will want to level up to as high as 38 or 39 through a series of grinding at levels 32 (Yes Man Fight Club) through 37 in the Boneyards, so have some ample weapon during these stages.

You will do a lot of grinding until you reach level 40 in which finishing the main quest will be necessary. If you’re able, level 43 is where you obliterate the last of the mobs, after which you proceed to level 45. How you progress will be determined by your class’ speed of leveling.

The Dragon Soup, an item providing an exp boost, comes with being a Premium player and this of course gains you a certain edge, ie, faster leveling.

Keyboard and Controller

Keyboard and Controller

Blade and Soul uses a familiar control set similar with other MMORPG. Players would find it easy to get used to the keystrokes.


  • W: Move forward
  • S: Move backward
  • A: Slide to the left
  • D: Slide to the right
  • Run: Press W 2 times to make your character run.
  • Num Lock: To toggle on/off auto run system, you can select to let your character run automatically when walking or you can control it.
  • F: Interact with NPC/environment. This is an action button to be used when you need to talk to NPC, interact with environment such as quest’s object, or collect and loot.


Gliding is a special movement in this game. It allows you to fly for a short time. Gliding is like mounting in other games.

  • Running+Space Bar: When your character is running, pressing space bar will activate gliding mode.
  • Space Bar (in the air): When you are in the air, you need to control your gliding to continue flying in the air.


  • Keystroke for every skill is fixed.
  • R: main attack key (continuous skills will be automatically linked to the key, and by pressing R you will be able to cast skills continuously.)
  • TAB: skill key (usually for MP cost skills and special skills with no area limit)
  • F: key of general utility. It can be used for casting skills.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4: skills
  • Z, X, C, V: skills
  • Q, E skill (they won’t appear in the picture. Some classes would be able to learn the skill, for example, boxer can move to the side of the opponent by the skill.)
  • 5, 6, 7, 8: Items (food, potion)

Mouse Control

  • Right mouse: characters to go forward
  • Mouse wheel: zoom in/out
  • Drag left mouse: view rotation
  • Drag right mouse: character rotation
  • Y, U, I, O, P, J, K, N, M: enable shortcuts of all interface.
  • Arrow keys: forward, backward, left, right
  • home、end、pageup、pagedown: view revision
  • PrintScreen (PrtScn): screenshot
  • CTRL + Z: interface hide
  • ENTER: chat
  • T: whisper




One the of most challenging feature in Blade and Soul is the dungeons. This goal of slaying all monsters, enemies, and bosses inside will require a group of martial artists to join forces together. Rare items usually serve as rewards, and these come in the form of costumes, loots, and even a large portion of gold. Upgrading gears and weapons, including soul shield, is what usually the drops are best used for.

In Blade and Soul, there are usually two types of dungeon offered: the standard 6-player dungeon and an advanced 4-player dungeon. Normal, Challenging, and Heroic are the 3 different levels that each dungeon have.

Dungeon Types

Dungeon for 6 Players
This dungeon is default setting. Maximum number of a party is 6 members. When a party has less than maximum members of 6, a Normal and Challenging dungeon can still be completed. Completing the normal level alone can also be done by a highly professional player. However, completing the Heroic mode without the full members is near to impossible.

Players can see all indicators and warnings to all serious attacks on a 6-player dungeon type. For instance, AoE attack range can be visible to players. Whether an enemy’s attack can be parried or countered or not is indicated by a yellow telegraph. Whereas, a player should avoid an atttack at all costs is a red telegraph shows.

Dungeons for 4 Players
Suitable for a group of expert players only or who live in a same clan, this dungeon is on an advanced mode. Although it is much more tough, it also offers better rewards than the standard 6-player dungeon. Not only does the less number of party members make it more difficult, but also everything in the dungeon becomes harder. Bosses and all enemies have higher damage, health, and even new attack sets. Also, Dragonblood cannot revive teammates anymore.

Since the in-game indicators are almost completely removed, it’s hard to avoid an enemy’s attack in a 4-player dungeon type. Knowing when to fight, counter, or flee and memorizing enemy movements is purely based on a player’s experience. A key to success is watching the surroundings carefully.

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting in Blade and Soul is fun and very easy. The crafting system in this game doesn’t require players to do it by themselves. Instead, they just have to order NPCs to do it for them by placing an order. The process of order may take a few hours depending on the item. The crafting system is divided into 2 parts: crafting and gathering. After you reach level 11, you will be able to sign a contract with 1 crafting guild and 2 gathering guilds.

Since so much of the crafting system in Blade and Soul is automated, it becomes a very interesting one. What sets Blade and Soul apart from other RPGs is that it has a guild system where you pay NPCs to do the work for you automatically, instead of travelling near and far to collect ingredients and level up skills to craft items. Gold is a more important resource, and this is where grind is transferred to rather than the ingredients. Below is a basic introduction to the crafting and guild system in Blade and Soul.

A contract with two of each kind of guild can be maintained by your character at any time. An order for an item to be crafted or gathered can be placed once you have a contract. How long it will be until the order is complete will be indicated by a small window near the bottom of your interface. How much time left will be shown by a progress bar and what you will obtain is shown by a small image. A new button labeled “Receive” will appear once the bar fills and vanishes. You will get your item or items if you click on that button. The “Repeat” button will appear at the same place and will immediately duplicate your order.

The guilds also has a progression system. The trust is an experience meter for each guild. The more trust you will get with a specific guild, the more you place an order from them. For you to be able to craft or gather high-ranking items, you must obtain a high level of trust. Only the guilds with which you have contracts can you build trust with. You can also end an existing contract if you want to switch guilds. However, that will forfeit the trust and connection with that guild.

Let’s take a look at these 14 guilds before making decision.

  • Blacksmith: Craft and repair weapons.
  • Alchemist: Produce potions and antidotes.
  • Culinary: Cook food that provides regeneration and buff.
  • Jeweler: Create gems and accessories.
  • Pottery: Create containers like bottle, jar and gathering material like pickaxe.
  • Soul Shield Researcher: Produces soul shield plate which you can use to upgrade soul shield. Also, it can produce evolution stone for salvaging.
  • Talisman: Provide scrolls such as town portal scrolls, identified scrolls, and revival scrolls.


  • Harvesting: Plant and harvest crops, best matched with Pottery and Culinary.
  • Lumber: Harvest woods from tree, best matched with Soul Shield Researcher and Pottery.
  • Fishing: Catch fish from the sea , best matched with Talisman and Alchemist.
  • Hunting: Hunt and scavenge meat from wild animal, best matched with Culinary and Soul Shield Researcher.
  • Herbalist: Harvest herbs from forest, best matched with Alchemist and Talisman.
  • Mining: Discovering mineral from underground, best matched with Blacksmith and Jeweler.
  • Quarrying: Discovering ores, best matched with Blacksmith and Jeweler.

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Unlike any other game, the weapon system in Blade and Soul is complex. For the early and middle parts of the game, the execution is simple, although it is fairly difficult to learn. And since more choices come up in the late game, in addition to more stuff to do, it becomes even more difficult. In this game the damage output you will have and the dungeons you can enter are determined by the weapons that you have. Therefore, grinding in the game will be driven much by the weapon upgrade system.

The most important and primary thing to take note is that you will be using the same basic weapon for most of the game. Each class has its own distinct weapon: Blade Masters get swords, Kung-Fu Masters get gloves, Summoners get paint brushes, etc. This guide can apply to any class, since each class has the same substance and the same manner of upgrade. The Hongmoon weapon is the main story weapon.

For a long time, this will be your main story weapon. Upgrading it will involve the following steps. You start by feeding it lower-level weapons, which starts at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 5. You will then need a “breakthrough” when you reach level 5. A breakthrough is a special weapon upgrade that requires a specific set of ingredients and weapons. You can continue on and upgrade up to level 10 after you get past the breakthrough point. Evolving the weapon is necessary at a special upgrade at level 10 which also another specific set of ingredients.

This is different from the usual level ups which can use anything of a minimum quality. While others can break through and make it to level 10, the main story weapon will evolve. It is only the main weapon that can go beyond level 10 for most of the game.

Soul Shield

Soul Shield

Soul shield, also known as Bo-Pae, is an item that gives players additional stats. It will boost both offensive and defensive abilities. Since your armor doesn’t give any stats but defense, soul shield will deal with this issue. Getting a full set of soul shield will grant extra bonus to the wearer.

There are 8 slots for soul shield. You will earn stats bonus whenever you acquire one piece of each soul shield.

Types of Soul Shield

There are 7 types of soul shield categorized according to the stats a soul shield can provide:

  1. Combat Soul Shield – Grants bonus damage.
  2. Critical Soul Shield – Grants critical damage/ critical rate bonus.
  3. Defense Soul Shield – Grants extra defense bonus.
  4. Block Soul Shield – Grants block rate bonus.
  5. Accuracy Soul Shield – Grants accuracy to your hits.
  6. Evasion Soul Shield – Grants flee rate to dodge enemy’s attack.
  7. Crafting Soul Shield – Increase the crafting success rate.


Gem and Socketing

Gem and Socketing

When you get into battle, the stronger you are, the harder an enemy will defeat. This is common in MMORPGs. You will need to upgrade your weapon to become more powerful. Of course, a weapon is the first thing to acquire to make your character deadly. In Blade and Soul, you can upgrade your weapon by adding gem stones to your weapon.

A gem is an enchant stone which you can put into your weapon to get special modifications such as increase your attack damage bonus or add effect to your attack such as freezing effect, health recovering effect, blood draining, etc.

Gems can be in different forms like triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and so on. Below are 7 types of gems

  1. Amethyst: When lands a crit-hit, it drains an opponent’s health.
  2. Diamond: Increases attack power.
  3. Emerald: When successfully blocks, recovers HP or deals damage to opponent.
  4. Jade: When successfully evades, recovers HP or gets immune to all debuff for a short period.
  5. Sapphire: When the opponent blocks or evades, deals additional damage to the opponent or freezes the opponent.
  6. Topaz: When knocks down the opponent, deals additional damage.
  7. Ruby: Has a chance to deal additional damage or inflicts debuff to the opponent


Gold Making Guide

Gold Making Guide

The importance of gold income is one of the many interesting facts in Blade and Soul. Not only can gold save you much grinding time, it can also let you buy valuable materials and items. And since gold is needed to fuel their upgrades and other expenditures, for many players, the end-game goal is to have a good way of farming gold. In Blade and Soul, there are a few ways on how to do that. The ones worthy of note are running dungeons, crafting using your sub-professions, and buying and selling on the auction house.

The daily quests are the main source for gold. For sellable gold and materials, there are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day. This process can go more quickly if you have a class that has good AoE skills and damage. Pull the mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then take them all out at once. However, you will need to pull fewer monsters at the same time if you are like the Assassin that has weaker defenses and is worse at AoE. This can allow you to move towards the level cap as not only does this provide you with gold, but also with experience. Although it is not always possible, it is generally better to try to solo dungeons instead of doing them as a group.

In this process, the auction house will be significant. Selling the crafts and materials you found in dungeons will involve the auction house. Blade and Soul starts off rapid until level 45 and then slows down to a grind thereafter. Except for buying some important materials if you cannot find them yourself, you will not need the auction house very much at the start. Further on, selling things of your own and buying more and more materials will require the use of the auction house.

You will be able to buy from and sell to people across your region since the auction house is cross-server. When a given kind of item will fetch a high price will be sometimes difficult to predict as demand for various items will change over time. New patches and changes can have a big effect on the items people want, so it is important to pay attention to them.

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