EVE Online : Sci Fi MMORPG

EVE Online is a popular science fiction MMORPG with a unique approach to the MMO genre. This article will serve as an EVE Online review of the overall game. EVE features a somewhat slower approach to its RPG elements, throwing players in to a large and expansive game which takes place in outer space, allowing players to travel through space in their own personal ships. The story of EVE Online occurs far from Earth in a cluster of stars.

How is EVE Online unique in comparison to other MMORPGs that are available to players? One of its most impressive features is it’s vast openness, not just in terms of its open space setting, but the openness allowed to players to explore and interact with the game and other players however they choose. Unlike standard MMORPGs where a lot of attention in the game is placed in the end-game content of dungeons and raids, EVE takes a different approach where players themselves create and control the events taking place.

The game starts out with training missions to help teach the player about the game, and like many MMOs there are plenty of missions to be done. The missions themselves can range from easy courier type missions to bounty hunter styled ones where you’re tasked with hunting down a player who has done wrong to collect the bounty on them. These bounty missions also act as a form of preparation for EVE Online’s PVP (player vs player) system. Outside of the missions the game is focused on how individual players choose to play, whether they’re more interested in focusing on mining asteroids, peddling their wares as a merchant, or perhaps even pursuing large scale PVP.

EVE Online PVP activity in this game is slightly different from others. In other games you would have guilds or clans, but in EVE Online you join Corporations. Corporations are an association of like minded players that have banded together towards a common goal. As the name suggests, the corporations are run in game in a similar manner to real life. Control of a corporation goes to one player known as the CEO. The CEO is the only person with the power to declare war or surrender, as well as decide on what assets to purchase or sell. The CEO of each corporation isn’t set in stone, they can be voted out of office by the other players which are referred to as shareholders.

EVE Online is truly a unique game and as such may not be for everyone. Offering an incredible amount of features and a beautiful and expansive universe, EVE Online is a unique and amazing experience that any fan of MMORPGs should at least look in to and consider playing even if its only a trial version. Hopefully this short EVE Online review will give anyone interested in this genre an idea of what to expect.

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