Final Fantasy XV: It’s Demo Time

Final Fantasy fans from across the world have been dying to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV ever since it was first announced. The game is the latest addition to their much-beloved Final Fantasy series and has been getting a lot of gamers talking due to just how different and unique the game is going to be when compared to previous installments. While the full game won’t be out for some time yet, Square Enix is going to give players the opportunity to play an early content-packed demo version. While it’s not the whole game, this is a great snack to tide us over while we wait for the full course to be served, so let’s take a look and see just how to get it.

Getting The Demo

Getting the demo is easy, but there will be limited quantities available. It’s going to be released along with the first production cycle of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, the console remake of the popular PSP exclusive title. As it’s only going to be the first production cycle of this game that’ll have the demo, Square Enix advises players to pre-order and get it picked up on the day it’s released – March 17th of this year.

What To Expect?

While there are millions of people who have played Final Fantasy games in the past, even the most hardcore fans are going to be experiencing a ton of unique things with XV. Square Enix has gone in a different direction with this game than they have with other Final Fantasy titles in the past, and the majority of what we’ve seen so far from the information they’ve handed down to us, most of these changes are going to be great.

That being said, the demo is going to have a lot of these features available, but not all of them. Let’s take a look at what we do know will be available in the demo:


  • Three to Four Hours of Gameplay
    Square Enix announced that players will have a good three to four hours of content to do and places to explore around the in-game Duscae region. They won’t be unlocking the driving mechanism of the game, as they want to save that for the official release. In addition to that, there will be a full dungeon to explore and fight your way through that’ll make up a good portion of the content they have available. There hasn’t been much word on whether the camping feature will be included, but it is true that this dungeon will not feature a big boss to fight (they want to save all their bosses for the final release), it was announced that they’ll have a few ‘surprises’ in store for hardcore Final Fantasy fans. This could mean just about anything, as the series has a long history of lore to draw from, but it sure has gotten a lot of hopefuls excited all the same.


  • The Real Time Combat System
    Final Fantasy XV is taking a step back from the turn based combat system that the series has been really known for and is moving forward with a real time action-oriented one. This is keeping up with the direction that the overall video game industry is moving in, as it looks as though it’ll be similar to past video game successes like the Gears of War franchise, Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row. There will be a variety of special moves in the final game to play around with, and for this demo, Square Enix will be giving players access to sneaking, the jump ability, teleportation (the main character is able to jump to and fight along vertical walls!), a sword barrier, and the weapon system.


  • Weaponry?
    The weapons that the players start out with in the demo will be the only ones that they’re able to use. However, there will be an option to go out and find the “Phantom Weapons” that the protagonist Noctis uses for his special ability. Players will have access to Noctis’s equipment and items but no other members of the party for the purposes of the demo. There will be weapons that can be used to Rush, Raid, Counter, Slash, and Break to switch between during combat, based on whatever is needed.

    FFXV_Special Abilities_2

  • Movement Choices?
    One of the most anticipated things in Final Fantasy XV is the vehicle system, where players will be able to drive around their party in a car while out exploring. This is a very exciting addition to the Final Fantasy series and one that is sure to be included in future games. For the demo itself, Square Enix has decided not to give players car access until they get the official game. This may be disheartening to some, but it’ll give players a sense of immersion in the demo while also making them all that more excited for the release of the full game.

In addition to that, elements of the plot and storyline will unfold a bit in the demo, but we’ll save you from the spoilers. As we can see, the Final Fantasy XV demo is something that’s going to be jam packed with excitement and content, so make sure to preorder Final Fantasy Type-0 HD so you can pick it up bright and early on March 17th.

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