Pax Prime 2015 FFXIV News Summary

Five days before the panel in PAX Prime, director Naoki Yoshida and community manager Toshio Murouchi sat down to talk about update 3.1, which essentially comprises of:

  • The update will introduce a new chapter of the main story quest, a new side quest line named Saint Endalim Scholasticate and new Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests.
  • There will be two new dungeons: The Saint Mocianne Arboretum and The Pharos Sirius hard mode.
  • A new 24 man raid set in the Void Ark will be added.
  • The airship voyage system will allow Free Companies to use their crafted airships to explore uncharted islands and fight powerful monsters, and even those who don’t have a free company will be able to use the feature from Ishgard’s Landing.
  • Similar to the Relic weapons, a new weapon upgrade system will be introduced.
  • There’ll be new updates to The Manderville Gold Saucer; a new battle mini-game called Lord of Verminion, and new cards will be added for Triple Triad, with new NPCs to challenge.
  • Private housing will get visitor control.
  • The challenge log will get a new category for the Manderville Gold Saucer.
  • New crafting recipes will be added .
  • Floating mounts will be given the ability to fly.

In addition to that, transfer of the European servers to European data centers was also announced. Along with new sitting poses that are being worked on by the developers.

What We Already Know

On 24 Aug 2013, early access began and players were then able to continuously play through to the launch date. Patch 2.1, A Realm Awoken, released on 16 Dec 2013, which added the Free Company housing, the Wolves’ Den PvP arena, and the Labyrinth of the Ancients, which was the first section of the Crystal Tower 24-man raid.

On 14 Feb 2014, a Steam version of the client was released. 8 days after, the Japanese release of the console and the debut for the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn happened on the same day.

On 27 Mar 2014, Patch 2.2, Through the Maelstrom, added gardening, the ability to project glamours onto gear, and the Saga of the Zodiac Weapons, a questline to empower the relic weapons.Defenders of Eorzea, Patch 2.3, released on 8 Jul 2014, which brings with it the Hunt, a server-wide search for Elite Marks; Frontlines, a large scale PvP battlefield with up to 72 players which revolves around defending control points; and Syrcus Tower, the next step of the Crystal Tower raid.

On 28 Oct 2014, Patch 2.4, Dreams of Ice, brings about the debut of the Rogue class and Ninja job with accompanying quests. Patch 2.5, Before the Fall, releases in 2 parts – on 20 Jan 2015 and 31 Mar 2015. The former intoduced a new mode called Slaughter whose objective is defeating other players, while the latter consists mainly of quests that will conclude the story.

23 Jun 2015 marks both the release of the first expansion pack and the debut of the Mac OS X client – only to be suspended several weeks after due to poor technical performance. The first expansion pack was called Heavensward, Patch 3.0, introduced new dungeons, two Primal battles and the Alexander: Gordias raid. Also, the level cap was increased to 60 and a new playable race, the Au Ra, were introduced.

final fantasy xiv aura race

What We Expected To See in PAX Prime 2015

The blurb for the event reads:

FFXIV Detail in Pax Prime 2015

What Was Actually Shown in PAX Prime 2015

Heavensward music was the primary focus of the discussion, especially on the themes of the Primal battles. Koji told the audience about how he writes lyrics and the lore that goes in sync with it.


The main theme for FFXIV 2.0, Answers, was used as a point of reference. He explained that it was from the point of view of Hydaelyn, the Mothercrystal who ushers gamers through the land of Eorzea. According to the song, Hydaelyn is encouraging players to go for adventures, and not to be afraid of hardships as these help them to understand themselves and the world around them.


However, the main theme of Heavensward, Dragonsong, shows a different angle of Hydaelyn. According to Koji, the final line of the lyrics show Hydaelyn not really knowing the thinking and doing of the races that she helped create.

Music for Ravana

After that, the discussion moved on to music connected with the insect-like Primal, Ravana. Due to Ravana’s many dance-like attacks and the butterflies “dancing” around the battle area, Soken explained that it inspired him to compose a waltz. Before settling on English, Koji wrote the lyrics in three different languages – the first being the fictional Gnathic and in Dragonspeak.

Music for Bismarck

Among the Primals, writing music for Bismarck proved to be particularly challenging, according to Soken. One of the boss themes for Alexander was previously intended to be an original theme for Bismarck.

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