PAX Prime 2015 Guild Wars 2 News Summary

Recently, a new piece of content was revealed to arrive together with the upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns. Once Heart of Thorns is released, a brand new playable character profession that will be added in – the Revenant. One of the more interesting aspect is the Herald character specialization. This will allow players to utilize a new combat stance, the Legendary Dragon stance, and equip shield in their off-hand. Another addition that will arrive with the expansion is the Mastery System, which will render players further progress into the game. A Pact Mentor will be received at one mastery point, which grants a special mentoring tag and chat icon. Productive Downtime can also be received at one mastery point, which, for every item crafted, a crafting XP bonus can be received. A Supply Line Management will be received at two mastery points, which gives access to “a network of regional merchants across Tyria”. Noblesse Oblige will be received at three mastery points, which lower-levelled players can be revived faster, and consequently remove downed penalties, for example, armor damage. Advanced Logistics will be received at five mastery points, which enables “auto-loot”.

What We Already Know

Every 2 weeks, Guild Wars 2 receives content updates. On 16 Nov 2012, a new dungeon called Fractals of the Mists was added to the game in the Lost Shores content updates release. On 28 Jan 2013, several new features were introduced such as achievement laurels, guesting, and new “living story” content thru the The Flame and Frost: Prelude update release. Released respectively on Feb and March 2013 are two updates, Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm and Flame and Frost: The Razing, which introduced a new progression system for WvW, progressed Flame and Frost living story narrative, along with other new content.

On Apr 2013, the Flame and Frost: Retribution update introduced a new limited availability dungeon, the Molten Weapons Facility, along with new WvW abilities, new purchasable siege weapons and guild banners for WvW play. A new living story narrative called The Secret of Southsun was introduced in the content update on May 2013.

On Jun 2013, a new living story narrative as well as several new features were introduced in two new content updates, Dragon Bash and Sky Pirates of Tyria. The next update, Bazaar of the Four Winds, was released on 9 Jul 2013 adding a new account-wide achievement system. Released over the rest of 2013 are the updates Cutthroat Politics, Queen‘s Jubilee, Clockwork Chaos, Super Adventure Box: Back to School. Tequatl Rising, Twilight Assault, Blood and Madness, Tower of Nightmares, The Nightmares Within, Fractured, and A Very Merry Wintersday. The end of Season 1 of the Living Story content updates, The Origins of Madness, The Edge of the Mists, Escape from Lion’s Arch, Battle for Lion’s Arch, and the finale Battle for Lion’s Arch: Aftermath was brought out in 2014.

On Apr 2014, during a short hiatus, the first Feature Pack was released. May 20, 2014, marks the release of the Chinese servers and the update Festival of the Four Winds. Season 2 of the Living Story began on 1 Jul 2014, with the release of Gates of Maguuma which added Dry Top, a new explorable area, and made Living World releases different. On 29 Jul 2014 and 12 Aug 2014, The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 and Part 2 were released respectively. The second Feature Pack was released on 9 Sep 2014. Blood and Madness, the previous year’s Halloween event, was re-released on 15 Oct 2014.

On 4 Nov 2014, the release of Echoes of the Past marks the continuation of the Living World’s second season. Seeds of Truth, the 7th release in Season 2 was released on 2 Dec 2014. Point of No Return, the final eighth and final episode in Season 2, followed on 13 Jan 2015. Smaller releases and expansion teasers were released since then, along with a number of bug fixes and balance improvements. This was followed by a small scale Festival, called the Lunar New Year, released on 10 Feb 2015.

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What We Expected To See in PAX Prime 2015

The blurb for the event reads:

Guild War 2 Detail in PAX Prime 2015

What Was Actually Shown in PAX Prime 2015

Release Date

Heart of Thorns expansion was announced to be released on 23 October 2015.


Starting on 29th of August, base game was announced to be free-to-play. However, if players will want to try the upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns, they will still have to spend money. Encouraging more players to play the game was the goal for making the game free-to-play. According to ArenaNet co-founder and president Mike O’Brien, “We believe the buy to play, subscription-free model for MMOs is good for players, and it’s good for developers. It gets a little tricky when a buy-to-play MMO introduces an expansion pack, leaving new players guessing about what they need to buy in order to start playing with their friends. As we get ready to release our first expansion for Guild Wars 2, we want to ensure that we keep a simple business model where new players can play the core game for free, while all players need only purchase one thing – Heart of Thorns – to get access to all of our new and future content.”

10-Player Raids

The 10-player raid was another reveal. Using new Mastery system abilities, groups can jump into this instanced content. Set to release shortly after the release of Heart of Thorns, the first of these raids will come in 3 parts.

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