Pax Prime 2015 Marvel Heroes News Summary

Just in time to celebrate a few new Marvel movies on the horizon, more big-name characters, such as Ant-Man, were already thrown into the game’s free-to-play model. Five more characters were revealed for the game, and the fans also has the power to determine who will make the fifth and last character in this batch of addition. Will it be Green Goblin, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Magik, Wasp, Nick Fury or Spider-Man (Miles Morales)? Gazillion also confirmed that Team-Ups are on the horizon, but no confirmed date on when the announcement will be. A ton of new costumes were also rumored to be added to the game, as well as the new combat zones.

But what we’re most excited about are the upgrades, including leaderboards, an improved story content, and even glossier visuals.

What We Already Know

Marvel Heroes was first introduced as Marvel Universe Online, and later on as Marvel Universe. On 11 Feb 2008, the project was changed due to “an inability to compete” with the current MMO marketplace according to a Microsoft spokesperson. Not a week after, Cryptic Studios made the announcement that a new IP license related to Champions, a superhero RPG, will be used in the development that will be continued from thereon. On 17 Mar 2009, Gazillion Entertainment revealed that they have signed an exclusive 10-year deal to develop Marvel Entertainment games. One of them was Marvel Universe. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online was the first title released, which targets younger audiences. Instead of an MMORPG like Cryptic’s canceled version of Marvel Universe had been, Marvel Universe was developed as a massively multiplayer online-action role-playing game and was eventually renamed to Marvel Heroes.

marvel heroes new logo in 2015

What We Expected To See in PAX Prime 2015

The blurb for the event reads:

Marvel Heroes Detail in Pax Prime 2015

As what the blurb says, we are expecting the panel to feature new character reveals, as well future content plans.

What Was Actually Shown in PAX Prime 2015

First details on the Marvel 2015 to 2016 transition, along with discussion of the vast roster.

Kitty Pryde

Bringing a new set of agile melee abilities, Kitty Pryde was revealed as the 51st character in the game. Some of the stuff with comes with X-Men’s Shadwocat are:

  • Phasing through objects
  • Abilities can be used on the move
  • Katana blade from training sessions with Wolverine
  • Lockheed, her faithful pet dragon who will have his own moves and resource bar

Future Characters

To be added are future characters such as vampire hunter Blade, Spidey’s love interest Black Cat, martial artist Iron Fist, and fan-voted Magik. Also coming soon are new Team-Up characters. The panel revealed the characters in line to join the Team-Up roster after showing off the Carnage Team-Up trailer.

New Costumes

The Marvel Now! costume for Cable was brifefly tackled, specifically on his recent character revamp. Here were the other new costumes to be expected;

  • Squirrel Girl – Unbeatable Squirrel Girl costume
  • Moon Knight – Mr. Knight costume
  • Psylocke – House of M outfit
  • Deadpool – Zen costume
  • Rocket Raccoon – Venom symbiote costume and Symbiote Groot from a recent issue of Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Hawkeye, Spider Woman, and Captain Marvel – S.H.I.E.L.D. variant costumes

Danger Room

Familiar to long-time X-Men readers is the Danger Room which will be added soon. Randomized dungeons with new loot for each run can be opened by this door.

Marvel Heroes 2016 Rebranding

The Secret Invasion storyline will be center of the next story instance. To comic readers, this will be the story where Skrulls invade the Earth disguised as Marvel heroes and villains. Shown were concept art for the game’s story. The October issue of Game Informer magazine was promised to give more information.

Controller Support

Controller supports will also be introduced to the game for the first time. As soon as updated visuals are introduced, this new feature will also happen about the same time. Although there is no word yet on the long-awaited console port, it seems to indicate first steps towards it. The panel simply stated, “It would be a lot of fun,” when asked about consoles.

All-New, All Different

Scheduled to be launched in comics around Oct 2015, the “All-New, All Different” line of Marvel will be the focus of future story instances. Just some of the updates are as follows:

  • Captain Marvel – to receive her All-New, All Different costume
  • Thor – to receive a female variant
  • Spider-Man – to receive the Spider-Gwen costume

What’s Inside Game Informer Magazine

In the coming weeks, the Mac version of Marvel Heroes will come out of beta. A new patrol zone and a new Raid that will feature a new villain will be revealed in October’s issue of the abovementioned magazine.

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