Rift Online: 10 Things To Know Before Starting

Rift is a new massively multiplayer role playing game by Trion Worlds. Players can choose between two factions, Guardians and Defiants. Rift introduced a number of innovative new mechanics, such as their soul class system and rift invasions. If you are planning on starting Rift, here are some useful things to know:


1. It is a very graphically intense game. Rift is one of the most visually striking MMORPGs out there. This comes with a price, however. It requires a pretty hefty system to run at full settings. But you can reduce the graphical detail to make the game work on older machines.

2. Every calling can perform multiple roles, based on their soul choices. A calling in Rift is an archetype. There are four callings: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue and Mage

3. The Rift Soul System is complicated. For each calling, there are a number of souls you can use to customize your character. You can have three souls active at a time. For example, a warrior can have the champion, riftblade and paragon souls. All three of these are damage souls, but how the warrior deals damage depends on how many points they invest in each soul.

4. Crafting is actually useful. Compared to some games on the market, Rift has a very well done crafting system. Crafted items are as good as or better than most things you can get from questing. Crafting items can also be enhanced with “augments,” small items that you add during the crafting process to put additional stats on the crafted item.

5. You should find a partner to play with. Rift, like many MMORPGs, can be played solo, but it is easier if you have someone else to tag along.

6. You should participate in Rift invasions and events. Periodically, Rifts will spawn around zones. If you participate in killing the mobs coming out of the Rift, you receive experience and various special rewards.

7. You need to pay attention at all times. Rifts can create invasions, which are roaming groups of mobs that will attack towns. You can run into these along the road at any time, with painful results. This does make travelling more exciting, though.

8. PvP is worth participating in. Rift’s PvP (player versus player) system rewards very good items and lots of experience while you are leveling. It is worth at least a try, even if you have never PvPed before.

9. You need to make friends. While you are leveling, make sure to find good players and stick with them. You’ll need their help for raids when you get to the level cap.

10. Rift is not hard to start playing, especially if you have played other MMORPGs previously. While many of its mechanics are new, Trion made the interface simple and intuitive. Anyone who has played World of Warcraft will have no problem starting a character and questing in RIFT.

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