Rift Soul Tree System

One of the major innovations in Rift’s game mechanics is the class system. Each calling: Warrior, mage, rogue or cleric, can be further customized with different souls. The player can have three souls active at any one time.

The Warrior calling can act as either a tank, which means that they soak up damage to protect comrades, or a damage dealer. The champion soul turns the warrior into a two-handed weapon wielding damage dealer. The paragon is also a damage dealing soul, but wields two weapons at a time. The riftblade focus is on dealing magical damage. The beastmaster gives the player a pet for dealing damage. The remaining warrior souls are focused on tanking and survivability. The reaver weakens nearby enemies and heals itself. The paladin focuses on the use of shields, with some self healing as well. The void-knight specializes in fighting enemies that cast. The warlord boosts the abilities of nearby allies.

The Rogue calling can play almost any role. They can be tanks, damage dealers or even healers. The riftstalker is the rogue tanking soul. Riftstalkers use magic to avoid and mitigate damage. The bladedancer focuses on dual wielding without much use of stealth. The assassin focuses on hurting an enemy as much as possible from stealth. A nightblade uses magic to deal damage and the saboteur uses bombs and traps to destroy enemies. The marksman and ranger focus on dealing ranged damage, and the ranger gets to a pet. The final rogue soul, the bard, buffs allies and even heals.

rift soul tree
The Mage can work as either a healer or a damage dealer. The main damage dealing soul is the pyromancer, who uses fire magic to make things explode. The stormcaller uses area of effect spells to damage spells. The elementalist is a pet soul. The necromancer is also a pet soul, but their pet is weaker, and they get many debuffs to place on enemies. The warlock focuses on draining the enemy’s strength with various debuffs. The archon is similar to the warlock. It uses debuffs to weaken enemies, but strengthens itself when an enemy is debuffed. The chloromancer is the mage healing soul. The dominator soul relies on crowd control to keep enemies from attacking.

The Cleric can perform any role. The justicar tanks much like the warrior paladin soul. The shaman is a melee damage specialist. The druid is a damage dealing, pet soul. The inquisitor and cabalist both use spells to damage enemies. The warden, sentinel and purifier all are healers, but they heal in different ways. The warden uses healing over time spells, the purifier uses single target healing, and the sentinel uses spells that heal multiple targets at a time.

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