Basics of SWTOR Legacy System Revealed

[Update 2011-12-21: Killer Guides now also provides an in-depth guide to Star Wars: The Old Republic that provides some nifty tricks and other details about the game.]

The Legacy System for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been superficially revealed by the developers.  They provide enough information to show players what to expect, however, and what the naming conventions will mean.

The Legacy System is based on family names with these names being across all characters in a player’s lineup.  These are important in-game as names carry reputation, so the actions of one character can affect all other characters in the player’s family.

The developers admit that the current iteration to be used in the game will expand with time and is currently just a foundational element in the game.  SWTOR Legacy names are chosen on the creation of the first toon in the player’s library.

Upon completion of the Chapter 1 storyline (initial “training” instance), the player chooses a Legacy Last Name.  This name is unique across all servers and should be chosen carefully as these names will be difficult to change.

All characters on the same server contribute to the player’s Legacy Experience Points.  Legacy points add up to Legacy Level, which in turn affects the influence of the player’s name.

It’s an interesting system and goes beyond the usual “name and title” that is purely cosmetic in most MMORPGs.


3 Responses to “Basics of SWTOR Legacy System Revealed”

  1. Chris says:

    Chapter 1 is not the initial training instance, that is the prologue, chapter one ends around level 30, about the time you are done with your 5 planet/fleet

  2. Willena Graffam says:

    SWTOR is only a few days till release. Really excited! Beta was incredible.