SWTOR: Advanced Classes Explained

A week out from E3, the folks over at MMORPG.com were able to catch up with Principle Lead Game Designer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, George Zoeller, to talk about how the advanced classes will shape up. 

Up to this point, the SWTOR devs have been releasing juicy video teasers on class progression, but not a great deal of information is available about how to attain advanced classes and what the skills will look like.  Check out some of the highlights in this very extensive interview on advanced classes:

  • Players choose an advanced class at level 10 in a linear manner. 
  • Each class will have a “nemesis” class on the opposing faction. 
  • Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors will have DPS and Tank Specs.
  • Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor classes will have caster and mixed DPS options. 
  • Smugglers will rely on speed, traps and evasion.
  • Bounty Hunters and Troopers will have access to different proficiencies.  For example, Bounty Hunters will get to use jetpacks, while Troopers get heavy cannons. 

Zoeller also added:

At the same time, we’re taking care to retain the proper Star Wars feel and identity for each of the classes (e.g. a Trooper won’t get access to the jetpack/jetpack themed abilities the Bounty Hunter has and the Bounty Hunter won’t get access to Assault Cannon style weapons).

A lot of thought is also going into the design of the technology based classes to ensure they match the Force using classes in capability. Jedi are fearsome opponents, but certainly not immune to some well timed shots in the back from an Imperial Agent’s sniper rifle or the flames of a Bounty Hunter’s flamethrower.

Check out the full details of the  interview here

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