What’s In the SWTOR Rise of the Rakghouls Update?

Star Wars: the Old Republic has been open to the public since just before Christmas and is one of the most talked about and played games in current MMOs.  As with all new games, of course, it’s going to have growing pains.  Usually this means relatively rapid updates in the beginning to counter problems and keep interest alive.

SWTOR is no different and the development team is planning several patches and updates this year, with the one having already rolled out this week.  That patch was soon followed by a new update titled Rise of the Rakghouls.

What is in the newest content update from the SWTOR team?

The Rakghouls themselves, of course, were added to the game.  These are a mutated race of humans created due to a disease that creates zombie-like creatures.  They are focused in specific new map areas of the game and revolve around a new flashpoint titled Kaon Under Siege.  New additions came to the Hutt operation in Karagga’s Palace as well, including boss fight boosts.

Other updates coming with Rakghouls include some game mechanic tweeks and fixes including a Level 50 bracket to prevent high levels from taking on low levels in player vs. player (PvP).  Sean covered the other updates in the patch here.

The Future of SWTOR

Further out, the BioWare design team has many plans for SWTOR.  This year will see at least two more content updates, possibly three, with the next scheduled for March.

That update will include much-awaited Guild updates to add more functionality and things like Guild Banking and other team-oriented tools.  This includes social functions and so forth.

More PvP  tweaks and additions are being implemented as well, some also coming in March.  This will likely include the new ranking system for the Warzones area.

Finally, the new Legacy System has been a focus of attention since the game’s launch, since it carries weight in the game’s future, but is currently nothing more than a surname for characters.  The BioWare team plans to flesh this out more in March, allowing Legacy Points to be spent.

Further future plans include tweaks and updates to player classes, and, of course, more story line additions.  While BioWare hasn’t made any specific announcements on story additions, it’s hard to make guesses since their choices so far have been from many sources rather than one.

The game is growing quickly and the development team for SWTOR seems intent on keeping it that way.


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