World of Warcraft Classic Druid Leveling Guide

Update: This article contains only a brief introduction to the Druid leveling guide. If you want something more detailed and in-depth, this unofficial wow classic druid guide is for you.

If you want to level up the Druid as fast as possible with the best build, I recommend the first thing to do is head over and get yourself a copy. Not only does it have a much more detailed and up-to-date strategies on the Druid, but an amazing leveling guide as well. You could have saved yourself a lot of trial and error with this.

There are many different ways to gain experience. From straight solo grinding to group quests and dungeon runs, you can choose your way to level up to 60 for your World of Warcraft Classic Druid.

The advice I’m about to give you should be taken with care, since if you follow it strictly, it will ruin a lot of what World of Warcraft is about.

Powerleveling to level 60 leaves no room for exploring, social gameplay, messing around in PvP etc. It is very boring, but you’ll be done with it after a few days.

If you have friends who you like to quest with, if somebody you know invites you to the battlegrounds or if you find a great group for a dungeon, then go ahead and join them, especially if this is your first character in WoW. That is what the game is all about: adventure, exploring and teamwork. Be aware, however that this is not how you get to level 60 the quickest.

There are a few group quests that give decent experience, and some dungeon drops can help you along the way, but the experience you gather this way can’t measure up to the experience you get by solo questing and powergrinding.

Although it might be monotonous, you can reach level 60 in 5 to 8 playtime days (depending on how you twink your character) by solo grinding and completing only those quests that can easily be done while you grind away. Consider these hints, but don’t let them ruin your game fun:

Twinking Your Character

Twinking means supplying your character with items and gold from other characters.

Twinking really speeds up the process because your character won’t have to worry about getting the right equipment, selling trash loot, getting supplies like food, water and potions or advancing professions (except first aid).

When you’re not hacking away at mobs, you should be thinking: Why am I not hacking away at mobs right now? There are few valid excuses: Resting up for the next fight, traveling to drop / pick up a batch of quests, traveling to get new skills and traveling to change the area for the next few levels.

Group Quests

You should only do group quests if you have a ready group waiting for you who you know won’t fool around but get the task done. Sadly, that’s never the case.

Do not get one quest and start looking around for the monster. Get all the quests for one area, grind away and complete the quests for that area, but don’t waste your time looking for quest mobs in game.

Instead check Thottbot where to look and if it’s not too far out of the way go get it. Remember, every second you’re not hacking away at a monster is wasted time. When you leave an area, abandon all the quests for that area.

Solo Quests

When all the solo quests you feel like doing for one area are done, move to the next area. Refer to the chart below for the areas available at your level. More often than not you will be done with your “selective” questing before you reach the optimal level for the next area. In that case, just grind your favourite mob until you reach that level.


Exploring new areas gives experience, but not nearly enough to excuse your absence from hacking away at mobs. If Azshara stays blank on your map, so be it.

Feel free to skip areas, especially if you’d have to change continents. If you find a really good mob to grind, keep it up until you outlevel them.

Mob Grinding

The mobs you choose for grinding are crucial for your advancement. As a druid, just like the Warrior, you are fit to fight any type of monster, but in my experience the fastest kills are caster type humanoids when you’re in cat form.

The mob should have your level or slightly below (1 or 2 levels) for optimal experience over time. However, don’t be too picky! Let’s say you’re level 35 and the mobs in one specific area are ranged 32 to 36. Just kill them all, never mind their level.

Humanoids make great grinding targets, because they often have a lot of casters and they are found in densely populated areas. Also, their level range isn’t as great as that of beasts in some areas. If you can spare a little time, sell their cloth drops in the auction house for a decent amount of extra gold.

Don’t pick up all the loot. Ideally, you just want to run back to the village when you have to repair your equipment or when you’re done grinding there to rake in the quest rewards. Stick to the loot that you know is valuable to sell. It’s okay to discard some of the cheaper stuff.

Assuming you are decently twinked, only visit the city every two levels in order to learn new skills and pick up new items you can wear or will be able to wear after the next level up. If you run out of supplies (food, drink, bandages, potions) you shouldn’t have to visit your bank, but have another character mail them to you. Make sure you do that well before you actually run out, to allow for delivery time.

This should go without saying, but be sure you’re in an inn when you log out of the game for a nice little bonus when you log back in.

Avoid PvP

On PvP servers, avoid open-field PvP by all means, as this is a great hold-up for powerlevelers. Stick to those areas that are dominated by your faction, although that will prove difficult on higher levels. This might be different on other servers, but from my experience groups that have a lower level than you are most likely to attack you.

Don’t be too proud to prowl / travel form and grind somewhere else when they come too near. Single players of the other faction are less likely to attack you, but if they do, change the location (after killing them, if you want). Escalating the conflict is a waste of time. Most often, however, you can peacefully grind near a single member of the other faction. Friendly emoticons go a long way.

[1] “Twinking” means