World of Warcraft Classic Hunter Leveling Guide

Update: This article contains only a brief introduction to the Hunter leveling guide. If you want something more detailed and in-depth, this unofficial wow classic hunter guide is for you.

If you want to level up the Hunter as fast as possible with the best build, I recommend the first thing to do is head over and get yourself a copy. Not only does it have a much more detailed and up-to-date strategies on the Hunter, but an amazing leveling guide as well. You could have saved yourself a lot of trial and error with this.

In this guide, I will be concentrating on how to maximize your leveling time with World of Warcraft Classic Hunter, through means of grinding, questing and instance grouping. I will give tips to save downtime, and provide items to look out for as you progress in levels.

I will also give information for the Hunter specific quests that you will encounter. As a final contribution I will give solo strategies specific to the Hunter.


Like the Druid, questing is an excellent way to level efficiently for earlier levels, to maximize efficiency try to get as many quests in the same area. Do one after another until they are all completed or your bags are full of looted items. Whenever your bags are full be sure to return to a town to unload and repair your equipment. The idea behind quests is to give a goal to remove the boring aspects of grinding.

The incentive is to get a small reward either of money or items on top of a lump sum of experience for the completion. If you are in a hurry to get to 60 doing quests and instance runs are the easiest and is probably the quickest way to gain levels.

This is all at the cost of not having a high income. This can be counter-balanced by having a lucrative profession to help support your costs. Below I will list the best areas to quest for the appropriate levels in order. I will also list specific areas that have a large number of quests that can be done simultaneously.

Note: Questing above level 25 will almost certainly take you into Contested Zones. On a PvP server this may require you to group with a full party to all knock out the quest at the same time. This will make the quest quicker at the cost of less experience gain. However, solo-ing quests will make you a favorable target of higher players seeking an easy kill.


Instances are an excellent means of getting good loot, good experience, and a rewarding team effort aspect of play. A Hunters role in an instance will be discussed in this section. As well, I will give an available list of instances to adventure in.

In an instance a Hunter will be expected to do one or two things: Pulling and/or Guard Duty. You can also pull mobs to your tanker warrior. In addition to these roles, it is also assumed that the Hunter will be providing a considerable contribution in the DPS department.

Before every Instance run make sure you have stocked up on ammunition and food for your pet.


Grinding can be something of a necessary evil. Grinding is exactly as it sounds, there is no guaranteed reward except that over time your monetary gain is higher than simply questing.

Grinding can be a means of gaining experience in a steady manner and can lead to the collection of a large number of sellable items.

Be sure your bags are entirely empty of unneeded items before starting a grinding session. Store all your quest items and excess equipment in the bank. To grind, find an area that you can kill monsters your level or below easily and so that you never run out of enemies to fight.

Humanoids can be especially lucrative for this purpose as they usually drop both money and items to sell. If you stay in one area, you will quickly get used to patrol patterns and strategies to fight a set of monsters. If you can find an area to grind that has a treasure chest, then opt for that. Treasure chests usually are worth the loot of 5-10 monsters and generally at least have 1 uncommon quality weapon or piece of equipment each time they are opened.

Another good thing about grinding humanoids is that they drop cloth. For First Aid using Hunters this can help decrease downtime by using First Aid to heal versus spending money on food.

Although this comes at a price since cloth can usually sell for more on Auction Houses than the vendor buying price.

Grinding is meant to be done as a solo experience, it both helps experience gain and monetary gain for lower levels and at 60 it is the primary means of acquiring money aside from Instances.

Doing this with a partner in a high level area is not as beneficial if you are in the same party. Having someone in the same area that can help you should you end up in a fight you can’t win can save a significant amount of down time. This also extends the same benefit to them as well. However this may mean that you will run out of monsters faster than you would if you were grinding alone.

If you trust a partner to join you in grinding then you can tear through enemies faster and will lead to less downtime, however your monetary gain will be somewhat lower.