Rift Guide Giveaway

Killer Guides is giving away 2 copies of their RIFT Guides Bundle and 5 copies of their RIFT Strategy guides for FREE!

Rift Planes of Telara Guide

Yes, you heard right…We’re giving away RIFT Guides. Why? To celebrate the launch of Rift this March 2011 of course.

How do you win a copy of the RIFT freebie?

Easy, simply send us your opinions for any one of these three questions. If we like it, the guide is yours! If we absolutely love it, the guide bundle is yours! (Tip: Be as creative as you can. It doesn’t have to be correct, after all it’s your opinion.. )

1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming?

2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret?

3. Why does Sonic wears red shoes?

Where do I send in my answers?

Simply type your answers and opinions in the comment box here!

Don’t forget to provide a valid email address so we can send over the guide.

When do I get the guide?

This event takes place from Feb 15 – Feb 21, 2011. Winners will get a copy of their guides latest by Feb 23, 2011.

What are you waiting for? Type in your answers now for a chance to get a copy of our Rift Guide. Guide updates? Check out the manuals!

You get those for free as well!

Happy typing…..

19 Responses to “Rift Guide Giveaway”

  1. Mitchell Lett says:

    1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming?

    He is actually Asexual and its a little known fact that Bombermen are explosive when new born. To keep the Bombermen population down they must throw their young at the enemy allowing them to explode and preventing an overpopulation.

  2. craig cuillard says:

    Bomberman keeps his bombs in a sack. It is kind if like Santa’s sack. It is bottomless and is never empty.

  3. Kevin Scorgie says:

    Answer 1. Bombs are attached to a pack on his back. From the pack the bombs are channelled down his arms and legs to bomb guns that are attached to both arms and legs where the bombs are thrown and licked out. Jumping in the air kicking and throwing arms forward can release 4 bombs are a time.

    Answer 2. Every kill Ryu makes he steals the life essence of the person he kills. The life essence thus allows him to never grow old.

    Answer 3. Sonic wears Red shoes not by choice… his speed is so fast the shoe run Red Hot.

  4. Joey McNelis says:

    1 – Bomberman sweats bombs. They start as drops, and grow as they roll down his arms, until they become the bombs. What you don’t see is his unending supply of Gatorade, to keep himself hydrated.

    2 – Ryu Has, in fact, grown older. But at a very, very slow rate. He made a pact with a demon: as long as he keeps fighting, his aging will slow to almost nothing. As he loves to fight, he shall fight forever!

    3 – Sonic is a NY Giants fan, and since he was already blue, he put on the red shoes, to proudly wear his team’s colors!

  5. mark o'sullivan says:

    1.His bombs are kept in a mutidimentional ammo pack, thus giving him unlimited storage space.

    2.Nivea for men anti aging wrinkle cream. “recommended for all old men lol”

    3.Sonics shoes are red because the artist who created him was colour blind.

  6. brett goodwin says:

    1. the ability to generate bombs in his hand.

    2.because some where in his training he learn how to not age

    3.sonic’s shoes where inspired by Michael Jackson

  7. Matt says:

    1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming? The bombs are by products from his perpetual and yes very painful case of kidney stones.

    2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret? He’s a celebrity and we all know Celebrities stay perpetually youthfull without any outside help

    3. Why does Sonic wears red shoes? So he can gain US citizenship by showing off his patriotism by color.

  8. Derek says:

    1. He stole Hermione’s bottomless bag.

    2. Lots of plastic surgery.

    3. Two for one sale at Payless shoesource. He goes through so many he’s gotta get the best deals.

  9. Chuck says:

    Little known fact….Sonic in fact is not wearing any shoes. His feet are in a constant state of motion which can not be detected by the untrained eye. What you see is actually red flame due to the friction created. Believe it or not….

  10. James says:

    1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming?

    Bomberman doesn’t actually have any bombs, they’re all holographic, however because they’re hard light holographic, they still work by being able to blow stuff up. 🙂

    (Hard light hologram : ref. Red Dwarf TV Series)


    2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret?

    “Saving Grace” the new range by Maybelline, keeps you looking radient and young forever. With this new anti-aging range, your skin could look smoother and firmer, giving you a younger, healthier looking skin.

    Small print: Results may vary and only work on our digitally enhanced models.

    *Maybe she’s born with it, Maybelline!*


    3. Why does Sonic wears red shoes?

    He’s a bad bad hedgehog.. that poor little girl he stole them off, now she cant get home. He’s there looking all blue and cute and she went over to see him, just to say hello and then bam, in an instant, he steals her ruby slippers and off he runs!

    That’s why Dr. Robotnik looks like a dog, because he is.. it’s Toto trying to get the ruby slippers back!

  11. Brady says:

    1: Bomberman keeps his bombs in the same place where Waldo hides when he’s between books- THE TWILIGHT ZONE. And I don’t mean the place where brooding emo vampires live.

    2: Ryu doesn’t age because he is a hydra, as in the phylum Cnidaria. He goes through morphallaxis, where his cells regenerate when close to death. It also means he is a lower invertebrate. Go figure.

    3: Sonic wears red shoes because it’s badass and, as it has been scientifically proven, the color red makes things 15 mph faster than things of a different color. Luckily, he doesn’t have to pay the red fee on his shoe insurance in the same manner we pay for red on our car insurance.

  12. Dominique says:

    1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming?

    Bomberman wears a special uniform that lets him carry his specialty. Of course these are bombs. The secret of this uniform is that is has an unlimited supply of bombs. How does it work. The pockets of this uniform are endless wich means that infinte bombs are stacked there. This is where bomberman gets all his bombs from.

    2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret?

    It’s a fact that ryu travels the world to improve his fighting style. By doing this he trains his mind and spirit. Ryu has been doing this a long time. The affect of this training is that his spirit has gone in some kind of super state wich prefents him from growing older. This is a legendary art only mastered by the ones who want to win en want to better themselves. These are aspect of ryu’s personality. Through hard training and travelling the world he has mastered this legendary art.

    3. Why does Sonic wears red shoes?

    Sonic wears red sneakers/shoes because he is a huge fan of the color and he likes them sneakers/shoes more than anything else. If sonic speeds up to his limit these sneakers catch fire. This fire burns intensely because of the red color of his sneakers. Thats why he wears them

  13. Ibrahim says:

    1. Bomberman has the ability to summon bombs so he doesn’t have to keep them with him all the time. He can just summon the bombs whenever he needs.

    2. Ryu has mastered life energy, being a master of life energy, he can’t grow old, neither can die.

    3. Sonic Wears red shoes because otherwise you wouldn’t have asked this silly question.


  14. Rale says:

    The Bomberman: the kind of bombs he uses are actually drops of his blood , that once touched by his special glove , become explosive once thrown !

    Ryus do not ages because his precious Tibetan Monkey Pet feeds Ryus body with an eternal energy .

    Sonic wears red shoes because he dresses only Valentino , famous for his “rosso Valentino” color.

  15. Daniel Seidl says:

    Sonic wears red shoes cause he was the one who stole the recipe of Coca Cola . He knows that he´s faster than everyone of them. (Im sure that the official Label is inside the shoes!)

  16. Jeff says:

    Why does Sonic wear red shoes?

    Sonic actually began his young career as a hedgehog not as a super hero, but as a Sonic’s drive in carhop. The origins of not only his name, but his red shoes. During those days, he wore red roller skates to deliver tasty tater tots to diners. As he matured, his speed left him ramming into car hoods and smashing through windshields at an alarming rate of speed.

    Due to the customer complaints, he was eventually fired. Later in life, Sonic would become the superhero we all know and love. He now wears the red shoes as a way to pay homage to his humble beginnings.

  17. Pete says:

    Please avoid a comment with racism and discrimination at all cost. : ) I just found one this morning and sadly I have to remove it.

  18. Brodie says:

    2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret?

    The red headband he wears once belonged to the legend Chuck Norris…enough said.

    3. Why does Sonic wear red shoes?

    They’re not even real shoes, he can’t afford to keep going through real shoes as much running as he does so its actually just red spray paint…and red paint was on sale buy 2 get 1 free that day.

  19. Offir says:

    1. Where does Bomberman keep his bombs? As in, how does he keep them coming?

    Bomberman’s belt is clearly enchanted with a Frag Belt enchantment (http://www.wowwiki.com/Frag_Belt) , which allows him to create Cobalt Bombs and lay waste to his opponents!

    2. Ryu (Street Fighter) never ages or grow old. What’s his secret?

    It’s a well-known fact that staying in good shape makes the skin stay young. Combined with repeated plastic surgery to repair facial damage from fights, Ryu retains the looks of an 18 year old guy.

    3. Why does Sonic wears red shoes?

    Several reasons:

    1. Sonic is the color version of Miki-Mouse, just kickass. Miki-Mouse went Black&White, so to show Sonic’s full-color superiority he chose red shoes to accentuate his blue physique.
    2. He’s wearing red – Knuckles’ color – to make Knuckles feel less-bad about being a secondary character. He’s just that good a friend!
    3. His mother got him those shoes, despite his express wishes for blue lightning-themed shoes, and he just cant say no to his mommy. :<