Meet the Team

Sean Turner (Editor-in-Chief)

One of the most passionate gamers ever seen, Sean started gaming in his dorm-room since the age of 12 (approximately 14 years ago). You could say Sean is a professional gamer without the title. Starting off from huge hits like Diablo on the Playstation then onto the PC with Diablo 2, this avid gamer has played various huge titles and dwelled in each game for several years.Sean Turner

His experience lies not only in Action-RPGs, but extends to years of intense finger tapping on joysticks, keyboards and mice for various titles. Sean’s profile of games include Street Fighter, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed and other popular titles as well as RTS games like Warcraft and Starcraft.

Despite having played all these games, Sean’s true passion rests in the genre of MMOs. This is where he spends most of his days hiding behind computer screens and gathering as much gaming info as possible. Officially a 5 years World of Warcraft fanatic, Sean is now looking forward to future hits like Star Wars: the Old Republic and the upcoming Diablo 3 to quench his never ending thirst for new and innovative games.


James Araki (Editor)

A half-Japanese gamer, James considers himself a gaming freak ever since a child. Instead of playing out in green fields and throwing baseballs, James spent most of his childhood indoors playing numerous console games like the Sly Cooper series, the famous Sonic and uncounted Mario titles.James Araki

Never a big fan of MMOs, James was glued to console games throughout his college days until he met the wonderful game of AION. He describes it as love at first sight. James was fascinated by the flying devas, beautiful cinematics, and the landscapes of Atriea. His crave for MMOs grew stronger and stronger until he started to play (read: succumb to) World of Warcraft. Roaming around in the WoW Legend server, James can be seen up all night sometimes. Another favorite of James was also the game of Rift where he was amazed at the games ability to switch classes on the fly.

His love for MMOs continues on to date (and probably will for a long, long time…).


Kathlyn Tan (Author)

Kathlyn Tan is a Filipino game guide contributor/writer who loves writing, technology, books, movies, cartoons, and anime. She first took up guide writing as a hobby in 2002, and currently has published works in major gaming websites such as IGN, GameFAQs, and Super Cheats. Although she has little experience with PC and MMO games, she did play (and finish) plenty of console and handheld RPGs. She began gaming in the early 90s, growing up on Mega Man (Capcom has to be killing the franchise on purpose!), Super Mario Bros, and Final Fantasy.

She also takes up web designing, and some programming with focus on mobile applications in her free time. She is a big fan of authors Tom Clancy, George R.R. Martin, and J.K. Rowling as well.


Aaron Turpen (Author)

Aaron is a professional writer living in Wyoming, USA.  He is a constant MMO and RPG player and has written three Killer Guides in the past.  He often tries new games as they release in Beta or Alpha and enjoys every genre and many types of game play.

On other sites, Aaron writes on several subjects including alternative health and medicine, alternative vehicles and propulsion systems, politics and more.  He has a background in computer science, transportation, and communications.Aaron author

He enjoys a variety of game types and styles and is an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, history, and mythology.  While his gaming interests often change, his fallback “never fails me” MMORPG is Lord of the Rings Online where he has a full palette of toons – one for each character class.  He participated in the beta for Rise of Isengard as well.

Recently, Aaron was also in the beta for Bounty Hounds Online (USA), World of Tanks, and others.  He also wrote background and scenario information for a demonstration program to showcase a new communications technology for Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in the USA.  He is currently writing storyline for a soon-to-release turn-based strategy game for the Facebook platform.


Sam Shaw (Author)

Always the first to line up for any major game release, Sam Shaw has been lured and fascinated about the gaming industry ever since he could remember. Balancing his work life as a computer tech engineer and his passion for games, Shaw has dedicated his life to his job (and to the front of his computer).Guild Wars 2

His game addiction started off with RTS games like Starcraft and Age of Empires. You could almost always see him in a big black leather chair, eyes glued to his computer screen, conjuring up strategies and formulating tactics inside his head. If calculation is the game, Shaw has definitely got game. A very detailed and a very particular gamer you can say.

Fascinated by huge MMOs like WoW, Eve and Rift, Shaw in deeply involved in many forums and wherever there is a chance to voice an opinion, he is there. An avid gamer to say the least. Currently playing these MMOs, Shaw is also waiting for the game of Guild Wars 2 and hope it lives up to its expectations.

Rory Rennar (Author)

Could be called a true lover of games who was born with a strategic and detailed mind. He’s a genius when it comes to strategic games. Rory started out playing card games, war games, and various strategic board games such as War of the Ring, Risk and similar titles.

After a while, Rory finally stepped into the world of online games. Age of Empires was his first love and slowly he moved on from there to current day MMORPGs. He currently is still deep into World of Warcraft, while taking occasional breaks to try out the latest attempts of dethroning WoW by its competitors. For the future he is dead-set on getting a few server firsts in Star Wars the Old Republic.