5 Million Sign Up for Elder Scrolls Online Beta

You might have doubted that Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) would become the biggest MMO launch in 2014, but Bethesda has confirmed that 5 million players have already signed up for its beta.

“If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the 5 million people that have registered for the ESO beta, and likely participated in one of our large beta tests. That’s a wonderfully large number of people who have become part of our ESO community, and it continues to grow,” said the developer in a blog post over the weekend.

While it’s true that 5 million beta players will not likely translate to 5 million paying subscribers, this impressive number should help silence critics who predict the game would be a massive flop.

More than double SWTOR beta players

To put the 5 million beta player achievement in perspective, it’s more than double that of Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), whose beta attracted only 2 million players back in 2011. SWTOR eventually had 1.7 million subscribers two months after launch. If we’re to apply this ratio of beta players to subscribers, then Elder Scrolls Online could potentially recruit 4.25 million subscribers – all shelling out for the game box and monthly subscriptions.

Bethesda should be pretty ecstatic given this huge beta turn-out. But now the challenge for them would be to make the players love the game enough to continue playing until April 4 when ESO launches worldwide for the PC and Mac (and June for the PS4 and Xbox One). If you want to get a better start than millions of player after its release, be sure to check KillerGuides. They have published a bundle of 8 guides so far for the Elder Scrolls Online. Leveling, gold, crafting, and 4 individual class guides for dragonknight, templar, nightblade, sorcerer, are included.


Beta feedback

Part of that is hearing out player feedback and addressing gameplay frustrations – which the beta testing team seems to be addressing fairly well. According to the same Bethesda blog post, “While surveys have shown that players really enjoy the game as they progress, particularly after level 10, we heard from some of you that the beginning of the game left you feeling too constrained.”

In response, the team addressed the problem by making the starter islands optional and fast-tracking the beginner tutorials so that players can get into the more enjoyable meat of the game faster.

Beta feedback also convinced Bethesda to tweak their combat system, in particular, making melee combat “more substantial” and introducing NPC collision to improve fight immersion.

Lastly, Bethesda assured that the millions of players from Europe and other regions are currently playing on the North American server – it’s the only one that is fully operational for now – have largely experienced no latency or lag problems.

With the European datacenter soon becoming operational and more capacity additions planned, it’s safe to say that you don’t need to wait for the mad rush to subside. Just jump in and see for yourself why millions are checking out ESO.

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