Elder Scrolls Online: What’s New in Update 4?

The Elder Scrolls: Online is taking a very forward approach when it comes to updating their game, as it seems like just the other day that they rolled out with update 3, and now they already have update 4 getting ready for a September release. As with any major patches, this is going to fix a ton of things in the game and also come out with tons of new content to play through. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at these new additions to the game and see what exactly what they mean for you.

upper craglon

Upper Craglorn

This new update is going to be bringing a whole new zone for players to quest through called Upper Craglorn. As with all zones in the game, this new one will have a ton of new delves to venture into, as well as instances and towns. This is going to be just north of Belkarth and will have a ton of things for both newer players and those that have been at the game for awhile. It’s going to have a new trial called Sanctum Ophidia and a new challenge called Dragonstar Arena.

serpent trial

Serpent Trial (Sanctum Ophidia)

You might have already played through the 12-man Warrior and Mage trials in the game; if you have, you know how tough they can be! This new zone is going to require just as much patience and dedication from each member of your group as the others, if not more so. Like the other trials, this will also accommodate 12 people, so make sure you’re properly prepared by joining a good guild full of active players. Once you’ve got a group to roll with, you’ll need to equip yourself with the best stuff to get through the new areas, and with that, this update will feature a whole new veteran rank.


Veteran Rank 14

Update 4 is going to let you level up VR14, along with having new VR14 weapons and armor to use, so start saving up those crafting materials and keep doing research as recommended in this guide. This may come as a bit of a blow to anyone out there who’s spent the ton of time required getting their VR13 gear up to legendary status, particularly since the developers have mentioned how they had planned to move away from the veteran rank system entirely, but luckily, that good VR13 gear will come in very handy early on while searching for the better stuff. In any capacity, leveling up to VR14 first is going to be the best strategy to utilize once the update first comes out, based on the way the veteran rank system has worked in the past.

In addition to the above, there will also be a ton of significant improvements to the game outside of the basic bug-fixes. They’re planning to eventually increase the size of all in-game delves and are starting things off in update 4 by growing the ones found in Bangkorai, the Rift, and Reaper’s March. In addition to that, they’ll be making the grouping system work a lot better when attempting particular steps of a certain quest chain and how instancing in the game is accomplished.

We’ve seen how major updates have brought changes and new content in the past, but for this particular patch, the changes seem rather dramatic, so make sure to finish maxing out your character as quickly as possible by reading our ESO leveling guide. This way you can get as much of a leg up over the competition as possible once all this new stuff comes out.


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