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Are you ready to continue your adventures in Tamriel? The next chapter of the adventure is located in the capital of Cyrodiil province, Imperial City. In this expansion, the city has fallen into ruins. Molag Bal’s force has taken over all six districts of the city. Every inch of this town cannot find peace, moreover the sewer of Imperial City is a lair for the fearsome legion. While champions are battling through the Imperial City, they need to be aware of opposing alliances, the other faction members might slay the champion at sight. Only a talented warrior will know how to deal with a substantial risk.

To conquer the ruined city with ease, all champions need to prepare for the awaiting danger. With this guide, a champion will emerge unmatched in overcoming every threat in every corner.

ESO Imperial City 5

Veteran Leveling Guide from 14 – 16

After the release of the Imperial City DLC, veteran level cap was expanded from 14 to 16. This guide covers advancing a level 50 character from veteran rank 12 to 16, including the 2 new level from the latest update. Each veteran rank requires a substantial amount of experience, but it will go by faster than you expect. The amount of experience required for each veteran level has been reduced by 15 percent comparing to a previous expansion.

It is recommended to get Veteran Rank to 14 or higher in order to survive in 2 new dungeons in the Imperial City. In case you aren’t quite there yet, you can pick up a copy of this leveling guide to speed up the process.

The Quickest Path
The quickest means of achieving veteran rank 16 is to join a large group of players and grind through enemies in the Arboretum District inside the Imperial City. Players can bypass questing, dungeons, and grinding other enemies and simply travel to the arboretum after gaining access to the sewers. The arboretum has the largest number of enemies in the new area. In addition, most enemies can be killed within a few seconds by using area-of-effect attacks. Boss enemies require a small amount of coordinated effort.

There are typically plenty of players roaming around the arboretum. In addition, joining them is not particularly difficult. By grinding, it is not unreasonable to expect a veteran level about once every hour to two hours. Complications may slow the rate of experience gained. In addition, players will acquire tel var stones while grinding through the arboretum.

It is expected that some players may not enjoy skipping content or grinding for their levels. Below are other tips and strategies for acquiring veteran rank 16.

Despite several issues in the past, questing is often considered the intended means of advancing through veteran ranks. In past updates, questing was considered a far inferior means of obtaining veteran ranks. However, in update seven quest experience has increased by 50 percent. In addition, all experience obtained in Craglorn has increased by 20 percent. Questing is finally a viable option to increase in veteran ranks. Arguably, it is also the intended method as it reveals the most interesting and interactive content to players.

Choosing to advance veteran ranks through questing is not a bad option. To begin, simply start the Imperial City main quest. The main quest starts as a piece of mail. Eventually, it will prompt you to travel to the Imperial City sewers. In the sewers, you will be greeted by a representative of the alliance you are a member of.

As you quest through the new expansion, you will automatically advance in veteran rank. Make sure to do every quest until you reach the end of the storyline. Dailies will resume once the main story for Imperial City is complete. Dailies can also contribute to your tel var stone count.

It is possible to not receive four veteran ranks after completing the new expansion’s quests. However, grinding and dungeons should provide enough additional experience to achieve max rank.

After completing Imperial City, Craglorn offers heaps of experience as well. Craglorn was a previous veteran zone that was used to introduce parts of the champion system. In update seven, Craglorn’s dailies, and its storyline, remain open to players who wish to return.


In the past, grinding was the preferred method for acquiring veteran ranks. In particular, zones with dozens of zombies were used to acquire large amounts of experience. Zombies have an extremely high respawn rate, are fairly easy to kill, travel in large numbers, and net a fair amount of experience points.

In the new expansion, each enemy killed contributes to experience gained towards a new veteran level. The hope of the developers was to reward players for every action they took while in the game world. As a result, large amounts of experience can be easily acquired by killing enemies.

Strangely, the best area to acquire experience from killing enemy NPCs is in player-versus-player zones. The Arboretum District, which is inside the Imperial City, has the largest number of enemies. Dozens of enemies can be clumped together quickly. Using area-of-effect attacks, it is fairly simple to wipe them all out within a few seconds. In addition, killing enemies in the arboretum nets tel var stones. Tel var stones are the newest currency, and they are required when purchasing items.

Players who grind in player-versus-player zones run a high risk of encountering enemy players. While in player-versus-player zones, always be searching for players from enemy alliances.

In addition, the arboretum requires a group of at least four players to handle the enemies with any efficiency. Luckily, there are usually dozens of players roaming the district at any given time. Joining a group is often as simple as requesting an invite.

Players who want to avoid player-versus-player zones still have options. The fastest way to acquire veteran ranks outside of the Imperial City is in Alik’r Desert. To access the area, you must first complete Cadwell’s Silver. Cadwell’s Silver is part one of the epilogue attached to the game’s original main quest. Unlike many other games, the main quest in “Elder Scrolls Online” is tied to large portions of advancement. Complete the main quest if you have not already!

Once you have access to the Alik’r Desert, travel to the Sentinel Wayshrine and head northeast. After passing through a ruin, you will come to a secluded beach. On the beach are dozens of zombies that can be corralled and quickly mowed down with area-of-effect attacks. If done properly, then you can easily acquire one veteran level an hour up to level 15.

While not the fastest means of leveling, dungeons remain an option for acquiring veteran ranks. Since the update, dungeons have acquired double the previous experience gained after completion.

Unlike questing and grinding, dungeons require at least four players. Finding three additional players to run the dungeon can take time. In addition, complicated enemy mechanics frequently halt experience acquisition. At the very least, it slows down the amount of experience gained. As such, dungeons are not frequently used to acquire veteran ranks.

Dungeons are the least efficient means of acquiring veteran ranks. However, dungeon rewards, and cooperative play, make the experience much more entertaining than grinding.

Imperial City 6

White Gold Tower Dungeon Walkthrough

This strategy guide is for the White Gold Tower Dungeon on veteran difficulty. V14 or higher is recommended for all party members. The dungeon is located inside the Imperial City and is for four players.

Class Requirements

  • One dedicated tank is required. The tank should not use a hybrid-specialization except for the third boss.
  • One dedicated healer is required. The healer should not use a hybrid-specialization.
  • One dedicated damage-dealer is required. Ranged DPS is preferable in the dungeon, but it is not necessary.

A hybrid character between damage and healing is required. The dungeon is healing intensive as several bosses have random, high-damage attacks. It is preferable that this character be ranged, but it is not necessary.

The mobs between bosses require some situational awareness. The enemies are primarily zombies, but each pull will also have a special enemy type as well that can buff its minions. The tank should focus on holding the attention of the enemy with the largest amount of health. Meanwhile, the rest of the group should take care of the other enemies.

Occasionally, the zombies will obtain special mechanics. For instance, a zombie might drop an area-of-effect pool after dying. They may do larger amounts of damage in a cone-shaped frontal attack. All of these attacks are noticeable due to the large, red aura that appears on the ground in the shape of the attack that will occur.

The Adjudicator
This fight begins with the Adjudicator near a stair. The tank should rush the boss and turn her around immediately so that she is facing the steps. The remaining group members should stand near the dedicated healer. If possible, they should move together.

The Three
This fight has three fairly powerful bosses: Otho Numida, Cordius Pontifio, and Micella Carlinus. This fight requires a great deal of situational awareness.

The Planar Inhibitor
The Planar Inhibitor is a somewhat complicated battle due to its use of non-customary mechanics. During this fight, there should be no dedicated tank. Instead, the tank should focus on dealing damage at range.

Molog Kana
Mokog Kana’s attacks are lightning based and feature complex mechanics. It is important to avoid most of his attacks unless at full health.

Players can expect a handful of health, magicka, and stamina potions to drop from each boss. Grand soul gems and around five daedric embers are also common. Like most loot in the game, drops are completely different from player to player.

Rank 14 weapons and armor have a rare chance to drop on a boss. However, epic quality loot is rare. Superior is the most common

ESO Imperial City 3

Imperial City Prison Dungeon

This strategy guide is for the Imperial City Prison Dungeon on veteran difficulty. V14 or higher is recommended for all party members. The dungeon is located inside the Imperial City and is for four players.

Class Requirements

  • One dedicated tank and healer are required.
  • Two dedicated damage-dealers are required. Ranged DPS is preferable in the dungeony.

For the most part, the trash in Imperial City Prison is run of the mill. The dungeon features narrow hallways that are perfect for collecting groups of enemies and mowing them down with area-of-effect attacks.

To begin the fight, the tank should run towards the Overfiend and position him so that he is facing the blue portal. The remaining group members should stand directly behind the Overfiend.

Ibomez The Flesh Sculptor
Ibomez can be a difficult encounter due to her non-traditional mechanics. Situational awareness is required to complete this encounter.

To begin, the tank should rush Ibomez and begin to acquire aggravation. As soon as the fight begins, additional enemies will spawn from the cells. The two damage dealers should position themselves on opposite sides of the room.

Gravelight Sentry
The Gravelight Sentry behaves like most of the other sentries in the game. Avoid the explosions on the ground. The explosions can be avoided by dodging out of the way or blocking. If not avoided, then the player caught in them will be stunned and take a large amount of damage.

Flesh Abomination
Begin the fight by allowing the tank to turn the abomination and the Necrotic Hoarvors away from the rest of the group.

The Bodyguards
This encounter is arguably the easiest in the dungeon. Allow the tank to round all up all four bosses and take them to one of the spike-traps. The tank should target the enemy templar and interrupt his heals for the entire fight. The healer should target the enemy necromancer and interrupt his summoning abilities the entire fight.

Lord Warden Dusk
The final encounter for the dungeon is a fairly complicated and difficult one. It is not uncommon for groups to struggle during this encounter.

Health, magicka, and stamina potions drop from each boss. Grand soul gems and several daedric embers are also expected drops.

Epic quality loot has a small chance to drop. Superior quality loot drops regularly.

ESO Imperial City 2

Imperial City Preparation

Since the Imperial City DLC demands player with level 10 or more. Here is the beginner leveling tips to reach required level..

Level 1 – 10
During the first 10 levels of Elder Scrolls Online, your goal will be to familiarize yourself with the game and your character. The game starts off by showing you the basics of combat and setting the initial pace of story-based exploration that makes up a large component of the leveling and endgame process. It’s important to remember that combat starts off quite simple but increases in difficulty by the time you reach level 10. The same is also true for the level of exploration present. While the first 10 levels can seem somewhat linear, the game opens up significantly afterwards.

Get Started
Everyone’s first character will have to go through Coldharbour initially. After creating your character, you start in a cell in Molag Bal’s lair that’s currently going through a revolt. You’re greeted by the Prophet who promises to help free you with the help of his friend Lyris Titanborn. The entire zone is fairly linear and offers no real challenge to most players. The first room you’ll be ushered to will have a small cache of weapons to select from. Make sure to choose wisely because that weapon will be the one you’re stuck with for at least a little while. Afterwards, there will be a few smaller fights before the map opens up to the prisoner village where you fight crazy prisoners and lesser Daedra.

Once you start killing and earning skill points, make sure to pick up at least one class offensive skill and one weapon offensive skill so that you can dish out damage by utilizing both stamina and Magicka with your abilities. None of the fights are too difficult, just make sure to loot all of the urns you come across, particularly in the zone where your free the Prophet and the one where you fight the skeletal golem. The urns have a decent variety of cooking ingredients as well as many lockpicks to pick up. It’s one of the best locations to get lock picks in the game without directly paying for them. On the same note, when you get to the room with the spike traps, make sure to explore it really good as there are numerous chest spawns that often contain armor and weapons.

Exploration and Zones
The Coldharbour area– the very first area of the game– serves as an introduction to the story in ESO and a brief tutorial on combat and the weapon system. You should aim to get through the introduction as quickly as possible since it’s so linear.

Afterwards, you’ll get sent to one of the three areas based on your alliance:

  • Ebonheart Pact – Nord, Argonian and Dunmer races
    Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls
  • Daggerfall Covenant – Orc, Breton and Redguard races
    Daggerfall in Glenumbra
  • Aldmeri Dominion – Altmer, Bosmher and Khajiit races
    Vulkhel Guard in Auridon

Now, you’ll have a choice. You can either begin questing here or you can make your way back to the introductory islands that were mandatory in beta although extremely linear. It is worth doing the island quests in order to grab a few Skyshards, some gear and more experience, but the choice is yours. If you choose to stay, the story quests will not be affected in any way. To go back to the optional islands, you’ll need to speak to the following NPCs:

  • Aldmeri Dominion: Speak to Sugar-Claws near the beach to go back to Eagle’s Strand in Khenarthi’s Roost
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Speak to Gilzir near the docks to go back to Port Hunding in Stros M’Kai
  • Ebonheart Pact: Speak to Liezl near the docks to go back to Bleakrock Village in Bleakrock Isle

Unfortunately, you’re not able to travel to the other starting areas until much later in the game. All the way from levels 1-10 are somewhat linear in fashion as far as which zones you have access to. By advancing the story, you’re ushered to the next level and sent off to the next major town.

You should take the time to explore each of the areas before advancing on to the next town, however, especially since quest rewards are vital to your overall experience. If you skip too many side quests, you may find yourself below the leveling curve. To find side quests you’ll need to explore. Stick to the roads whenever possible and seek out quest NPCs near landmarks that are generally situated on roads or near major crossroads.

Spend time in each of the major towns you come across to learn the basics of crafting, mounts, bank access and guilds. You should grab both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild quests when you come across them. You should also invest in additional bank access and bag access. [Note: If you’re in the Ebonheart starting area, head to Devon’s Watch to find a backpack vendor. He’s in the south right corner of the Market District and will sell a backpack that gives you 10 more inventory slots for 400 gold. The second upgrade is 2000 gold..

Make sure to visit your old friend at the Harbourage every time you’re given a quest do so. This advances the main story as well as gives you pretty nice quest rewards in the form of shiny rings and experience.

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