Heroes of the Storm Beginner Guide

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is Blizzard’s free to play MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) game. The genre itself, while relatively new, has been getting a ton of buzz ever since the genre was popularized by already mammoth titles like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and League of Legends (LOL). Blizzard is experimenting quite a bit with the established genre when it comes to HotS, as its turned into quite a fantastic game that’s been bringing in a lot of new players.

Blizzard is certainly breaking the mold with HotS, as they have added a ton of features that are incredibly fun and have never been seen before in MOBA games. Veteran MOBA players that have been playing DOTA and LOL for years are flocking to the game in droves, including professional players, and the game is also bringing a ton of players who’ve never played any MOBA games into it as well. If Blizzard’s history as a game developer tells us anything, Heroes of the Storm will be to MOBAs as World of Warcraft was to MMORPGs.

MOBA noobs and veterans alike will have a ton of things to learn with this game, so let’s take a closer look at Heroes of the Storm and see just what it’s all about.

What is Heroes of the Storm?

The MOBA genre was birthed from the real time strategy (RTS) genre, so if you’ve ever played a top down RTS map like Starcraft, you’ll be a bit familiar with the mouse-focused and hotkey driven controls. Essentially, a MOBA game will feature two mirrored teams fighting in a tug of war style battle for dominance. Each team will have identical walls and a constant stream of low-health minions going at each other fighting in what are called ‘lanes.’ The players take control of an individual ‘hero,’ which each have their own special abilities and will be responsible for pushing into the opposing team’s base and ultimately destroying their main building (in HotS, this is the “Core”).

MOBAs have been around for a while but HotS is much different. Normal MOBA games generally only feature the lanes themselves with team fights being the main thing that defines progress, but Blizzard is also adding in depth map objectives. Each battleground has a specific mechanic, such as being able to collect coins to buy a cannon barrage that’ll directly attack the opposing team’s base, that’ll allow each team to have a variety of different methods for control. In addition to that, there are also some very interesting hero types, such as the Specialist, which are unique in MOBAs, but we’ll get into each of these more in depth as we move on in the guide.

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A hero is the unit that the player controls in the game. There are five for each side, and they are used to push lanes, siege barricades, collect map items, hire mercenaries, and kill other heroes. Death is a thing in the game, but you’ll quickly respawn back in your base. Each hero has their own special abilities that give them different strengths and weaknesses. As the game progresses, you’ll earn experience from killing mobs or enemy players that’ll cause your side’s heroes to level up and unlock even new powerful abilities and upgrades called talents. With almost 40 different heroes and more being added each year, this is a lot of variability. Luckily, each hero will fall into one of four different categories: Assassins, Support, Warriors, and Specialists.

Heroes’ Roles

  • Assasssins
    Assassins specialize in dishing out damage to other heroes. They’re able to kill the other side’s players, which will give your side more time to push into the enemy base while also earning extra experience that can give you an advantage over the other side.
  • Warriors
    Warriors are similar to Assassins, but they give up some of the damage output for more survivability. This gives them the abilities to engage with enemy heroes, to keep the other side from engaging, to last through a long battle, and also to tank while facing some of the more powerful mercenaries around the map.
  • Support
    Support heroes offer ‘support’ to their allies. Some can heal while some can provide powerful shields to their allies that allow everyone to stay alive much longer while ripping through enemy heroes or while taking down fortifications.
  • Specialists
    Specialists are an interesting type of hero in a MOBA game and don’t really fall into one single category. Quite a few excel at “siegecraft,” where they can do things like take down fortifications much faster than other heroes by damaging it faster, removing its ammunition, or even disabling them entirely. There are also “commander” style specialists, which focus on bolstering their side’s forces by summoning new minions or providing existing ones with powerful buffs.

Recommended Heroes for Beginners

So you’re new to the game and have all these heroes to select from. Which one do you choose? Some of the heroes can really be complex to play and are better left in the hands of a MOBA veteran. There are a few in particular that are absolutely great to start out the game with. Don’t assume that makes them bad either, as even with their ease of access, they can still crush enemies just as good as the others.

  • Suggested Assassin
    If you want an easy to use assassin, then definitely go with Raynor. There’s a reason he’s the tutorial character. He’s got straight forward abilities that’ll make it easy to learn the basics of the game with. In addition to that, once you do get really good, he’s a very strong assassin that can really take down enemy heroes with ease. We’ll go more in depth with each option in a later guide.
  • Suggested Warrior
    ETC is who you want to go with for a Warrior. He’s got a gigantic amount of survivability, great team fight moves, and on top of that is a ton of fun to play.
  • Suggested Support
    Li Li. No question about it. She’s probably the easiest character to use period due to her not even having to target who to heal.
  • Suggested Specialist
    Specialists are the toughest of the four roles available, but if you’re dead set on playing one starting out, choose Sylvanas. She’s a great, all-around Specialist that’ll be able to simultaneously siege forts, snipe heroes, and dish out plenty of damage to creeps. That and she’s got a great blink ability which gives her mobility that Specialists can sometimes lack.

Jump to the gold section of the guide if you need more money to unlock one of these heroes to play. Again, we’ll go more in depth on each of these heroes, as well as the others, later on in the guide. Make sure to read through them first so you know exactly what you need to do to destroy your opponents.

Abilities and Talents

  • Basic Abilities, Ultimates, and Traits
    Each hero in the game has their own special abilities that are completely distinct from every other hero’s. This gives them the strengths they need to capitalize on their enemies’ weaknesses and push their side to victory. Each hero will begin with three and have a choice at level 10 in each match to choose between two powerful ones, called “ultimates.” In addition to that are traits. These are generally passive bonuses that heroes can have, but there are some active ones as well. These vary wildly based on the individual hero and don’t really fall into one neat category.
  • Talents
    On top of the abilities is the talent system. As you level up throughout each map, you’ll be given an opportunity to learn talents (unlocked at levels 1, 4, 7, 10 (this is where you choose between ultimates), 13, 16, and 20). Each talent tier will have a number of options to choose from that can do things such as empower basic abilities or unlock entirely new ones. Tons of heroes that can be built in tons of unique ways can mean a pretty complex system, so understanding how to use the talent system effectively is the biggest skill to acquire in the game.

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!



Heroes of the Storm can be extremely confusing to new players when it comes to leveling. There are three separate leveling brackets you need to look at. These are important to understand fully, particularly when it comes to things like maximizing gold income.

Generally speaking, you’ll have your “Account Level,” your “Hero Level,” and your “In-Game Level.”

In-Game Level

Whenever you start a new game, your hero will be at level 1 and will progress in strength and talents with the more mobs, buildings, and heroes you kill in the game. This restarts with every new game. Once you’ve completed the current game, you’ll get experience based on whether you’ve won or lost and based on just how much you’ve contributed to the game.

Persistent Hero Level

That experience you receive after the game is over is what is put into your hero level (the hero level that persists and is added to throughout all your games). Think of this as a measure of your personal experience with the hero itself. This doesn’t having any real bearing in game, but will give you things such as gold, skins, and other cool things. The only time this is different is in the first couple of levels for each hero, as your talent pool will be locked down to make it easier to play, but these will be eliminated within just a game or wo.

Account Level

In addition to post-game experience affecting your persistent hero level, that same experience will also be put into your account level. Think of this as a measure of your personal experience with the game in general. This is much slower to level and will persist throughout the lifetime of your Battle.net account. Like hero level, it unlocks some pretty cool rewards such as gold, portraits, etc. Once you get your account level to 30, you’ll be able to do ranked “Hero League” matches (assuming you’ve bought at least 10 heroes, but we’ll cover that more later). Level 40 will unlock the next tier up, “Team Leagues.”

Level Rewards

Player Reward

Level 2: 1,000 gold

Level 4: 1,000 gold

Level 6: Unlock Daily Quests

Level 8: 2,000 gold

Level 10: 2,000 gold

Level 10: 7 Days Stimpack (Level Booster)

Level 12: Hero Rotation Slot

Level 15: Hero Rotation Slot

Level 20: 2,000 gold

Level 25: 2,000 gold

Level 30: Hero League

Level 30: 2,000 gold

Level 35: 2,000 gold

Level 40: Team League

Level 40: 2,000 gold

Hero level

Level 2: Unlock Second heroic ability

Level 3: Unlock advanced talents

Level 4: Unlock expert talents

Level 5: 500 gold

Level 6: Hero portrait/mount variation 1

Level 7: Skin variation 1

Level 8: Skin variation 2

Level 9: Hero master portrait/mount variation 2

Level 10: Master skin unlocked[2]

Level 15: 1,250 gold

Level 20: 2,500 gold

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!



Now that we’ve seen some basic mechanics, let’s start getting into the battlegrounds themselves. We did say that HotS features maps that are wildly different from one another. This is true, but each map still has the same fundamental parts that make up a MOBA base game. Let’s cover these universal elements in depth before plunging into specific maps.

Every battleground will feature two identical bases for you and your enemies. Each base is made up of the following parts:

  • The Altar
    This is where you begin the game, where you are resurrected, and where you will hearth back to. It has the best healing/mana regeneration in the game and will make you invulnerable should somebody try to attack you while you’re inside its magnetic field.
  • Core
    This is the main (and largest) building in the game and what everyone is after. Your enemies want to kill yours while you and your team want to kill theirs. Once you’ve killed your enemies’ core, you will win the game. It features a strong regenerating shield, a ton of health, and the ability to attack any enemies in range.
  • Keeps
    Before a core can be killed, its keeps must be taken out first. These have a ton of health and will be able to shoot cannonballs at any enemies within range. There are generally three of them located immediately around the core area and will usually each feature an additional tower and fountain.
  • Forts
    These are like miniature keeps that are located at forward bases right along your perimeter. They also have a decent amount of health and will shoot like keeps but are much, much easier to take out. These are the first line of defense that each side has.
  • Towers
    These are stationed to guard keeps, forts, and gates. They have a decent amount of health and will shoot any enemies that come into their range.
  • Gates
    These are always located between two towers and are always located in front of the keep area and also at the front lines in front of forts. They allow allied heroes/minions to pass through them fine but will block out any enemies (unless they have a special ability allowing them to jump over or tunnel under obstacles).
  • Healing Fountains
    These are located at forward bases and also back in the keep area. These will provide a decent health and mana regeneration buff.
  • Minions
    These are your foot soldiers and what power the lanes. They’ll constantly be running through the lanes and fighting the other side, which has the exact same type of minions. It’s up to you and your team to help them push through each wave and bring the fight to the other core.

Specific Battlegrounds

Now that you know some of the basics of the game, you’re ready to understand what the specific battlegrounds each entail. As we mentioned before, this is a relatively new area that HotS has brought to the MOBA genre. Generally speaking, in addition to the individual heroes empowering each lane in a back and forth tug of war, each map itself will have a variety of ways that can be used that’ll give your side an advantage. Each battleground has wildly different mechanics to consider, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

  • Blackheart’s Bay
    This is a pirate themed map that has three lanes and features mechanics based around collecting coins to turn into the skeletal pirate lord. Once this has been done, he will fire powerful cannon blasts at the opposing side’s fortifications.These coins are collected from two chests which drop five a piece (these will spawn north and south of the ghost ship), mercenary camps that drop two (we’ll cover mercenaries a bit more later on), skeleton pairs which drop two (like mercenary camps but the skeletons don’t join you afterwards), and also from enemy heroes that have already collected coins (you hold the coins on your hero until they’re actually turned in).It takes ten gold pieces for the first bombardment and any subsequent bombardments will require an additional two.
  • Cursed Hallow
    This battleground is set in a three lane forest haunted by the nefarious Raven Lords. The feature of this map involves collecting a Raven Lord tribute. These will spawn in a random location on the map one at a time and must be collected by a member of your team. Once the tribute is collected, it cannot be stolen and is added to a counter below the mini map. Once you (or your enemies) collect three, the Raven Lords will curse the opposing side’s building by disabling their attacks and will disable their minions by reducing their health to one point. This allows you significantly dish out a ton of damage to the other side before the curse lets up, which re-enables the buildings and brings the minions back up to normal health.
  • Dragon Shire
    Dragon Shire is a three lane battleground that contains a sun shrine at the top of the map, a moon shrine at the bottom, and a dragon’s altar at the center. After a certain amount of time has gone by, these shrines will open up and can be conquered by having players simply stand at the shrine itself. Once your team has captured both shrines, they will empower the dragon’s altar and allow one of your teammates to bring the statue to life and attack the enemy base with it. This is easier said than done, as both teams will be looking to capture both shrines at the same time.
  • Garden of Terror
    Garden of Terror is a three lane battleground that has mechanics focused around a day and night cycle. The game begins during the day but night will fall shortly afterwards (indicated by a countdown timer). Once it has, a number of Garden Terrors will spawn in the areas north and south of the middle lane. There are two groups of small monsters and a large boss monster for each side, and each of them drop a number of seeds upon death that can be collected by a team member.Once your team collects 100 seeds, a huge garden terror will grow back at your base which can be piloted by a member of your team to go wreck the other side. 180 seeds spawn per cycle. This is somewhat similar to Dragon Shire, but it’s possible to have two garden terrors out at once due to the only limitation being seeds collected rather than territory control.
  • Haunted Mines
    Haunted Mines is a different style of battleground. This is partly because it has two lanes rather than three, but also because it has multiple “floors.” Occasionally throughout the map, the mine entrances located in the middle of each lane will open, allowing your team to traverse into the caves and collect skulls from skeletal enemies. There will be a number of groups of small skeletons as well as a large boss near the eastern side of the cave map. There are a total of 100 skulls to collect with each mine cycle.Once all of the skulls are collected, each side will have a golem that is spawned. These will be more powerful based on how many skulls your team managed to capture. These golems are not controlled by players and will run to the opposite side by itself and attack buildings until they die. They will be resurrected with the next cycle wherever their corpse falls.
  • Sky Temple
    Sky Temple is an Egyptian themed map with three lanes that features three temples located at the very north, the very south, and above the middle lane of the map. Once unlocked, these temples can be captured to unleash a powerful beam that’ll target the enemy team’s bases. Any combination of the three temples can be unlocked at once. Be warned though, as capturing the temple means unlocking its stone guardians, which are powerful mobs that’ll attack you. The longer you stay in the area while fighting these mobs, the longer the beam will blast the enemy’s bases. Once you’ve been there long enough, it will unleash a short series of extremely powerful bursts.
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen
    Tomb of the Spider Queen is a subterranean map with three lanes that revolves around collecting gems from the enemy spider mobs and turning them in to one of two different pits located directly north or south of the center lane. Once you’ve collected and turned in 50, the Spider Queen will send down a powerful mob in each lane that rushes the opposing side’s fortifications.The total number to summon goes up by 5 after each turn-in. Also, spider gems can be dropped by individual team members after they die. One important thing to note is that once the Spider Queen has summoned the minions, the opposing team will not be able to turn in their gems until they kill each of the three bosses.

Mercenary Camps

Each of these maps have their own specific mechanics but will also feature a number of mercenary camps that are located at key locations throughout the battleground. After dying, the mercenaries may be recruited to rush into the nearest lane and begin pushing for you. These are powerful additions that force the opposing side to stop pushing and come defend their base.

There are three types.

  • Siege mercenaries come in pairs and throw strong missiles from just outside of an enemy cannon’s range.
  • Bruiser mercenaries come in a group of four and will go to the front of the lane and really soak up a ton of cannon damage before dying.
  • Boss mercenaries are extremely powerful units to add to a lane that can easily blow throw a gate if there aren’t any heroes close by to stop it. These are in mercenary camps by themselves.

Siege mercenaries are the easiest to obtain and can generally be soloed early on in the game, followed by bruisers, which can only be soloed effectively by a few key heroes, and finally the boss mercenary, which can only be taken down through a concerted team effort.

If you find that your enemies have nearly completed a map mechanic, then make sure to go after mercenaries so that they’re forced to go defend their base rather than following through with a strong attack that’s backed up by the map’s mechanics themselves.

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!

Game Modes

Game Mode

Blizzard has added a number of ways to play the game that’ll suit all sorts of different players. These are intended to allow the player to slowly introduce themselves to the game at their own pace. Let’s take a look at each one.

Practice Mode

This is the simplest game mode available and the one you’re stuck to for your first match. It’s good to use it as a way to test out heroes you haven’t played yet in order to get a good feel for their mechanics.

It features you on a team with four computer players against a team of five computer players. It does not reward gold but will reward some experience points.


This is the third option on your game menu, but should be mentioned before Quick Match. This will team you up with four other real people from around the world and allow you to fight against computer players. The A.I. opponents’ difficulties will be tweaked based on your team’s combined ranking.

Quick Match

Again, this is not in the same order as you will see in game, but this Quick Match option is a step up from Cooperative. It features you on a team of five randomly chosen real players versus another team of five random players. If you don’t want to play with random people, you are able to invite as many as you would like into a party before starting.

Hero League

This is intended for more advanced players. You have to be at least account level 30 and have to have at least 10 heroes purchased (weekly free heroes don’t count). You can join up either on your own or with a group and will engage in ranked play. This is similar to Quick Match, but not entirely, as before the game begins, you must choose which hero you want to play.

In Quick Match, the same hero can show up on both teams. In league play, a character can only be chosen one time. This is done fairly by allowing one team to choose a hero and then the other team to choose the next. This is done back and forth until everyone has a hero chosen.

Team League

This is similar to Hero League but involves completely pre-made teams versus other completely pre-made teams. You have to be at least level 40 and still must have at least 10 heroes purchased. The way heroes are chosen before the beginning of the match is the same, but there will generally be more strategy involved with choosing a hero based on what your opponents have chosen.

Custom Games

Custom Game mode allows you to choose a map to play on and invite whoever you want on whatever side you want along with observers/referees that can watch both sides. You can even set A. I. players.

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!

Useful Tips

Cursed Hollow Giant

The best way to get your feet wet in the game is to go through the tutorial system and play a couple of practice matches on your own, but this isn’t everything. You will need to supplement what you’ve learned on your own with what other people have discovered (such as by reading this guide!) in order to fully unlock your potential as a powerful HotS player.

  • Split up
    When you first start a game, you’ll be with your other four allies in your base while the countdown timer begins. You’ll want to start off the game by going to one of the lane gates (there are going to be either two or three). Make sure when you do this that your team’s heroes are split up into two pairs of two with a single person being responsible for their own lane. It’s also here where you’ll choose your first talent. Take a look at our individual hero guides to determine what’s best for you.
  • Soak Experience
    This lane splitting is done to “soak exp.” Whenever minions die, you’ll only receive experience points if one of the heroes is next to the kill. If you see a lane is empty, make sure to go down to it on your own, as you don’t want the other team leveling up faster than you.
  • No Feeding!
    Another thing that’s important is to not “feed” the other side. A killed hero will give a good chunk of experience to the other side, which means that they’ll be leveling up faster than you (in addition to the fact that a dead hero means an unguarded lane).
  • Early fights
    The fights at the very beginning of the game can be very tedious just because you’re weak without additional talents and the extra base damage that comes at higher levels. You’ll want to focus on killing enemy minions so that your allied soldiers will move forward towards your enemy’s gate/cannon structure and begin attacking it. Once they’re there, you’ll be able to attack the enemy fortifications yourself, as cannon fire always prioritizes minions above heroes.The other side will be attempting to do the same thing, so you’ll have to work to kill your enemies’ minions faster than they can kill yours while attempting to dish out damage to the other side’s heroes. As you continue fighting, you’ll no doubt be taking some of your own damage from those enemy heroes. Once you’ve been cut down quite a bit (or if you’re just using a lot of mana), make sure to pop back behind your forward base’s gates to drink from your healing well.
  • The Hearth Stone
    If you’ve taken a considerable amount of damage, are out of mana, and simply can’t afford to wait on the cooldown from the healing well, make sure to hearth (B key) back to base, as you’ll regenerate both health and mana very quickly. This will take you out of the fight, so make sure that the benefit you get from getting topped off outweighs any detriment that comes from not being down fighting in the lanes.
  • Remember to Mount!
    One important thing a lot of new players seem to forget about is their mount (Press Z). This can be instantly summoned in the beginning area but otherwise takes a few seconds to summon for most heroes (but not all of them!). Make sure to always use this whenever you’re traveling more than around three quarters of a screen area, as it will significantly reduce your travel time and can even save your life if there are enemies after you.

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!


Gold Shop

We’ve mentioned purchasing heroes some in the previous sections. While the game is free to play, you only have access to a random 7 characters each week and must purchase heroes with gold (or if you prefer, you can just pay cash). The amount of gold varies based on the hero and can range from as low as 2,000 on up, but the most common price is 10,000. You can visit the shop by pressing its button in the top left hand corner of your screen. There are a number of great bundles if you’re looking to maximize gains by using real world cash. For the individual purchases, there are heroes, interesting looking skins, and also mounts that can be bought. Many are available to purchase with gold or cash, while some can only be purchased with actual money.


If you aren’t looking to use real world money in the game, then you’re going to need a ton of gold. Generally speaking, you’ll get quite a bit starting out but the rate at which you collect it will get slower the more you play the game, so make sure not to spend anything before fully understanding the gold system. There are a number of ways to earn gold, so let’s take a look and see the best way to get as much gold as possible early on so you don’t waste it on something you don’t really want.

Best Gold Earning Tips

Are you looking to get 10,000 gold right off the bat to purchase your first hero? Well, there’s good ways to do this and there are bad. To get to 10,000 as soon as possible, there are a few important factors to consider.

You’ll get 6,000 gold fairly early one in the game. This comes as a 1,000 gold bump at level two and then another at level 4. After that is a 2,000 gold bump at level eight and then ten, which adds up (1,000 + 1,000 + 2,000 + 2,000) to 6,000 gold.

In addition to that, there are seven free heroes to play each week. Once you get level 5 on any of the heroes, you’ll receive an additional 500 gold. It doesn’t take very long at all to get to level 5 on a single hero, and significantly less time if you’re focusing on winning first (so make sure to read each guide section for each new hero you use, as it will help you win). That’s a possible 3,500 additional gold per week until you’ve cycled through all the heroes. Combine the 3,500 with the 6,000 and you’ll have 9,500 gold in the first week. The remaining 500 you need will already be in your account since you get 20 to 30 each time you play a game.

After that, you will receive a free stimpack at level 10. This will automatically begin the moment you reach level 10, so make sure to hold off on it if you’re not going to be able to play much for the next 7 days. This will significantly increase both your experience and gold. You’ll go from winning 20 and 30 gold per win to 50 to 75 per win. This is the only free stimpack you’ll get, so do make sure to hold off until you can use it to your full advantage.

Playing each daily mission goes without saying, as that can give you anywhere from 200 to 800 additional gold per day. Keep in mind that the big 6,000 gold you get from your account will only be there once. Don’t waste it on a cheap hero thinking you’ll get enough to get you back up to 10,000 for the hero you really want within just a couple of days. It really does get difficult to gather gold the further you get into the game, so do make sure the first time you spend gold is when you’re purchasing a hero you ‘really’ want.

Reminder: This article is only a beginner guide to the Heroes of the Storm. If you want to read a more advanced guide that could help you to master all heroes and increase your winning rate within a few days, this Heroes of the Storm Complete Package is a must have. Written by a group of expert gamers, this guide package comes with advanced strategies and builds for all heroes, battlegrounds guides, gold making tips and more!

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