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This is only an excerpt from our Unofficial World of Warcraft Rogue Guide. It is basically an overview of the Rogue with an Assassin build. Whereas, the actual guide has a complete rundown on everything on the class including leveling strategies, this introduction only touches briefly on a few important points.


Assassin Rogue
Rogues are one of the most complicated classes in World of Warcraft (WoW). This is due mainly to the fact that they have skills that work in nearly every imaginable situation. The most important thing to remember when playing a rogue is that you are meant to deal insane amounts of damage while taking as little as possible. Rogues wear leather items and even if you were to concentrate on increasing your defensive values, it would only be about 1/5 as effective as the designated tank classes (Warriors, Druids and Paladins). You need to understand what the class can and cannot do to stay alive. So, what is it that’s good and bad about a rogue?

  • The Good
    The highest damage dealing class in game
    Able to explore better than any other class
    Poisons are rogue only
    Can unlock nearly any lock in game, removing the need for almost every key
    Pick pocketing can double your cash income
    Great at initial crowd control
    Multiple Get-Out-Of-Death skills
  • The Bad
    High dependency on gear
    Requires precise timing for various skills
    Medium hit points and armor
    Some skills are weapon-type dependent
    Lack of effective range attacks


Rogues are one of the three classes who wear leather armor. With damage based around agility, rogues specialize in deftly executed attacks. During Warlords of Draenor, the primary stat, Agility will no longer increases critical strike, and each point of agility grants 1 point of attack power instead of 2. Hit and expertise are no longer statistics that need to be considered. Priority is typically based around spec and talent choices that benefit a rogue’s overall damage output. Here is the stat priority for each rogue specialization.

  • Stat Priority
    Assassination rogue damage per second heavily depends on the stats you choose to prioritize on your gear. When considering gems and enchants it is important to know what stats will allow you to get the most out of your damage rotation. The current stat priority you will want to follow is:
    1. Agility
    2. Critical Strike
    3. Multistrike
    4. Versatility
    5. Mastery
    6. Haste

Rogue’s resources

  • Energy
    Rogues have their own version of mana, called Energy. At any point in a rogue’s life, they will have 100 Energy at maximum. Well, a certain talent and some items allow you to get a 10 point increase, but that will be seen later. As a general rule though, you can only have 100 Energy max at one time. As you use skills, they each have their own Energy cost to perform and your balance will adjust accordingly. If you miss an attack, you will spend less Energy than if you succeeded. There are talents that decrease the Energy cost of certain skills as well. Energy management is very important. You don’t want to set a target up for an attack only to not have enough Energy to perform the move.Energy regenerates are a 10points per second. There is no known way to increase this rate passively. You can purchase/create an item with cooking called Thistle Tea that will fill your Energy by 100points and it has a 5 minute cool down. There are also some items that can fill your Energy level, unless you make use of the few things like the Gnome racial, Expansive Mind or the Blood Elf racial, Arcane Torrent. Energy tends to replenish at a reasonable rate, but more can be acquired by the use of certain abilities. Energy is used to execute finish moves that cause the target a lot of damage. If your resource pool gets low, build it back up by using energy generating abilities.
  • Combo Points
    Similar to the Assassin character in Diablo II, the rogue in WoW uses combo points on their targets to unleash more devastating attacks. You can only have a maximum of 5 combo points at a time. Any attempt to acquire more will simply be wasted.Combo points are a resource that a rogue needs to give certain abilities a more powerful finish. In previous expansions, combo points would build on each target attacked by the rogue. With the release of the Warlords of Draenor patch, combo points are now displayed on the rogue instead of each individual target. This allows you to continue building up for a big finishing move on a secondary target after the primary target dies.
  • Poisons
    Poisons are applied to your weapon as a mean to provide more damage or to hinder an opponent’s gameplay options. A rogue can only have one lethal poison and one non-lethal poison applied at one time. Typically used lethal poisons are Dead Poison and Wound Poison. Deadly inflicts the target with a deadly cut, while Wounding reduces healing effects as well as poisons the target. Common non-lethal poisons for rogues to use are Crippling, Paralytic, and Leeching Poison. Crippling Poison slows your target’s movement speed by half, Paralytic Poison stuns your target, and Leeching Poison heals you for 10% of the damage you deal to the target.


This guide will detail assassination rogue abilities and how they should be used in rotation since the WoD 6.0.2 patch went live. The guide will also go into stat priority, talents, glyphs, gems, and enchants that assassination rogues should be using to get the most out of their DPS in any situations.



  • Common rotation abilities
    1. Dispatch – A combo building ability that is used when the target is close to death.
    2. Mutilate – A combo building ability that is used when the target’s health is above 35%.
    3. Blindside – A passive ability that has a chance to give an energy cost free dispatch, regardless of the target’s health.
    4. Slice and Dice – A finishing move that increases your attack speed by almost half.
    5. Envenom – An instant ability that refreshes poisons as well as slice and dice.
    6. Rupture – A DOT that packs a punch and provides plenty of energy.
    7. Fan of knives – You throw poisonous knives at all of your nearby enemies.
    8. Crimson Tempest – An ability that slashes all nearby enemies, making them bleed.
  • Common Poisons
    1. Deadly Poison – This lethal poison should always be applied to your weapons.
    2. Crippling Poison – A non-lethal poison choice that really slows enemies down.
  • DPS Cooldowns
    1. Vendetta – An ability that marks your target for death. They cannot hide from your increased damaging attacks.
  • Movement abilities
    1. Shadowstep – Allows the rogue to teleport into the shadows and surprise the enemy from behind.
    2. Sprint – You can run much faster when using this ability.


Each tier of talents focuses on a different set of three skills. The best options for assassination rogues are listed below.

  • • Tier 1 Talent
    These talents are acquired at level 15, and all have to do with stealth. The one you will want to choose is shadow focus because it yields the highest dps of this tier by reducing the energy cost of all of your abilities.
  • • Tier 2 Talent
    These talents can be learned at level 30, and they deal with crowd control and survival. None of the abilities will affect your dps, but combat readiness will provide you with the best damage reduction option in case you pull aggro from the boss.
  • • Tier 3 Talent
    The talents at this level deal with survival and can be learned at level 45. Elusiveness is probably the best ability here, especially if you tend to feint a lot to avoid damage.
  • • Tier 4 Talent
    This tier is gained at level 60, and all of the abilities here deal with movement. Shadowstep is the suggested ability because the movement ability does not require stealth to be used.
  • • Tier 5 Talent
    The talents learned at this level require you to be level 75, and they all deal with utility. Prey on the weak is extremely effective for a raid group that is focusing on a single target, while the other targets are being controlled.
  • • Tier 6 Talent
    This is currently the highest level talent you can acquire at level 90 and all 3 options are performance enhancing abilities. The talent that is recommended is anticipation, because it yields the highest potential damage output.
  • • Tier 7 Talent
    Death From Above is highly recommended for dealing damage for multiple targets


The glyphs listed below are the best options from all of the glyphs a rogue has to choose from.

  • Major Glyphs
    1. The glyph of vendetta is required for optimum damage output.
    2. The glyph of feint is recommended as a tool for survival.
    3. The glyph of cloak of shadows is an option that boosts your survivability to physical attacks.
    4. The glyph of evasion can give you a small survival advantage.
    5. The glyph of sprint can be good for high movement fights.
    6. The glyph of recovery can help the healers on healing intense fights.
  • Minor Glyphs
    1. The glyph of safe fall could be useful in fights you get knocked into the air.
    2. The glyph of poisons is recommended to speed up the application of your poisons.
    3. The glyph of blurred speed could be useful in situations where water is present.

This guide explains all you will need to know about assassination rogues since the release of the Warlords of Draenor Patch. Hopefully, everything that is explained here will improve your damage output and help you be more prepared for the release of the expansion in a few weeks. Have fun in Draenor.



  • Single Target Rotation
    Follow this priority to build combo points:
    1. Dispatch should always be used to build combo points when the enemy’s health is below 35% and any time blindside activates.
    2. Mutilate is your main combo point builder when the enemy’s health is above 35%Follow this priority to spend combo points:
    1. Slice and Dice should be maintained at all times
    2. Rupture should be maintained at 5 combo points and always refreshed with less than 7 seconds remaining
    3. Envenom should be used any time you have 5 combo points that need to be used and your other abilities are already up.
    4. Make sure to always use Vendetta on cooldown.
  • Multiple Target Rotation
    Follow this rotation with 2 or 3 targets:
    1. Use your single target rotation, but make sure to apply rupture to all of the targets.Follow this rotation with 4 to 8 targets:
    1. Use fan of knives to build combo points and apply rupture to all of the targets. When you need to spend your combo points use envenom.Follow his rotation with 8 or more targets:
    1. Simply spam fan of knives and use crimson tempest when you need to spend your combo points.
  • Opening Sequence
    1. Use a Vermin’s bite potion and get into stealth.
    2. Use shadowstep or sprint to quickly get behind the boss.
    3. Use mutilate to take you out of stealth.
    4. Use slice and dice.
    5. Use mutilate to build 5 combo points. Use any blindside proc you receive.
    6. Use rupture.
    7. Use envenom to refresh slice and dice.
    8. Use vendetta
    9. Continue your regular single target rotation.

We hope you have enjoyed this short overview of the Rogue class. If you would like to read the full guide, go and ahead and get yourself a WoW Rogue Guide here.

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