Landmark: Build The World You Play In

As gamers, we’ve all spent hours upon hours exploring coasts, castles, dungeons, and mountain ranges. We’ve walked through soaring spires of towns, hidden in rocky ruins, climbed up medieval aqueducts, echoed through marbled halls. All these images have mingled with our real-world experiences and travels and seeped into our imaginations, spurring ideas of our own. Those of us into Minecraft have spent days creating those ideas: huge flying spaceships that hover above the ground, or pirate ships moored off the coast, or massive castles with hidden doorways and secret underground passages.


Imagine building, not on a bigger scale, but on a more precise, more flexible, and more organic scale. Building with asymmetrical or rounded boulders instead of just squares, experiencing items with varied thickness, and working metal in various ways. That’s what Landmark is all about. Of course, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy. Similar to Minecraft, you need to harvest the mats to make your creations, but since Landmark’s world is smaller, everything is rendered in a more organic, realistic way with realistic physics as well.

You start the game with a copper pick that lets you access all the tier one materials and resources in the world. The next step, of course, is an iron pickaxe, which lets you get better mats. You see where this is going: five tiers of resources, and four types of tools. You can get a pick, sickle, axe, and a bucket (handy for carrying water and lava around). Once you have all that stuff and have harvested the rare resources, you can start creating materials and, from there, your creativity is the limit. Sand, snow, ice, rock, marble, gemstones, wood, metal, obsidian.

LM mat

It’s not all about staying in your own corner and building, either. You can go out and explore. Claim land and materials as you wander. Rare resources and objects are hidden all over the world, just waiting to reward the curious explorer. And if you stumble upon a massive construction project, join in with other players to create huge structures.

Part of the fun of it is collaborating, and big projects will have a chance to become a permanent fixture in EverQuest Next which Killerguides will surely cover the strategy guide for this upcoming MMO.

The world is your playground; go build it.

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