MMO For PvPers

Are you the one who love fighting players more than npcs? Let’s take a look for this MMO list that PvP lover like you may enjoy playing!


1. Guild Wars 2

The first MMO to really attempt a non subscription model, Guild Wars was a grand experiment in trying to capture a huge audience. One fun PvP mode in Guild Wars 2 is the
World vs World scenarios where 100s of players across many servers meet up and battle in the Mists. Best of all, players are scaled up to the max level when entering Mists so no one has to waste time slowly grinding xp to be competitive. Structured Arena’s in the form of both Solo and Team combat help keep the game from becoming stale and always provide a unique PvP challenge. PvP advice from avid gamers could be found here
WoW2. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the oldest and most popular MMORPG of all time. While popularity has waned some in recent years, WoW still has more subscribers than any other MMO by far, and hosts a huge variety of PvP opportunities. As mentioned in our WoW guide, new battlegrounds are about to be introduced in the form of class raids on Tarren Mill and Southshore and the ultra-competitive Arena ladder for the hardcore PvP fans give everyone a chance to become a true Gladiator. If that’s not enough, naturally there are open world PvP servers as well to provide conflict in all areas.


3. Rift

The main draw of PvP in Rift is the Warfront system. Just earlier this year PvP Dimensions were and allow players a fantastic opportunity to fight to increase their Player Rank and unlock new Player Rewards. These techniques could be seen in our Rift guide PvP begins at level 10 and has a variety of options such as CTF, city raids, and zone-scaled invasions which offer a dynamic and fun PvP experience in Rift.

4. Aion

In Aion, PvP and PvE (Player vs. Environment) are combined into a PvPvE scenario, where a player may fight both the opposing player faction and the AI controlled faction. Abyss Points are a reward from PvP, and a currency used to buy items. Abyss Rankings can help you equip Abyss weapons, gain new abilities, and help increase the strength of your Legion which you can learn a good advice from our strategy guide Most of the action in Aion happens in the abyss where both factions battle for control of fortresses and map locations, and whoever succeeds receives rewards in the form of money and loot. The AI controlled faction Balaur helps the losing faction fight to help maintain competitive balance which gives a unique twist on typical PvP experience.



5. Dragon Nest
While not quite as popular as the other MMORPGs on this list, Dragon Nest has great battleground type arenas and gameplay that give an excellent high-octane PvP experience. Player states are normalized to provide a level playing field which helps everyone compete and climb their ladder system.

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