QuakeCon 2015 Summary: Fallout 4, TESO and Doom

Quakecon is a gaming and software conference held by Zenimax Media yearly in Dallas, Texas. This is an event where gamers get to join competitive game tournaments with their own computers (bring-your-own-computer event). This year, the available games are Fallout 4, Doom, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Here are what we have known from the event.

Fallout 4

Developer Bethesda showed off a new demo for Fallout 4 today at its Quakecon conference, and it explained a bunch of new features coming to the game.

Dogmeat Really Exists
Your canine companion, Dog Meat, is physically based on the game’s lead designer’s dog, River. To make Dog Meat the best possible representation of a dog, the studio has filmed River doing many different things. When you leave the Vault early in the game, you are sure to find Dogmeat. While doing something else, you can also send Dogmet into buildings to explore for loot.

There are a dozen possible companions in the game, including Mr. Handy (the robot assistant), Piper, Dog Meat, and Garvey. Leading the Commonwealth Minutemen faction is Preston Garvey, one of the characters you will meet in the game. He was recently added to the mobile game Fallout Shelter. This faction is based in Concord, Massachusetts, and players can join them. Piper, another possible companion, wears a red leather coat and a newsboy hat. Diamond City, a settlement in the ruins of Fenway Park, is where Piper roams about nearby. Charismatic in nature, she can lie really well to get her way. Regardless of gender, players can romance any of the human companions. You also have the choice of playing without a companion at all.

Name Your Character
In order to give the game that extra-immersive personal touch, Mr. Handy, the game’s plummy-voiced robot companion, has been programmed by Bethesda to be able to say 1,000 of the most well-loved names players might baptize upon their characters. Voiced by Stephen Russel, Mr. Handy can actually say your name – be it something standard such as Peter Paul Williams, or something more silly such as Mr. F**kface.

Leveling Systems and Perks
The leveling system has gone a complete overhaul. Tied to the various ability stats in your character’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (strength, perception, endurance, intelligence, agility, luck) ratings, perks, which can be unlocked at level-up, as usual, are customized via a brilliant, animated Vault-Tec poster in-game. In order to unlock greater abilities, these 70 base perks, with each having a series of XP rankings of its own, can be leveled up alongside its respective S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat. Taking into account all graded perks, there are a total of 275 all in all.

Faction War?
It looks like factions can actually fight with each other. According to a description from IGN, the player’s character watched ghouls attacking raiders, and the player has been choices whether to stand back and let it happen, or interfere and aid one side. Also, it was also noted that, at some point, the Brotherhood of Steel come out and joins the player in a battle against raiders.

More Reality
Lexington, a new town area, was shown in an extended gameplay demo later on in the Quakecon presentation. It quickly became clear just how extremely upgraded Fallout 4’s world is from that of its forerunners, judging on thelengthy new stretch of the game on show.

Brutal Combat
Fallout 4 does look effective as an action game, leading on from that last point. What really pushes things to the next level is the stuff around the core combat mechanics – the presentation and feedback of combat, and the bigger situational picture – although it already looks immensely improved over all. Hand-cranked laser muskets, as in clunky retro sci-fi shotgun, were seen hitting with pleasing impact,and leaving the scorched Ghoul flesh billowing with smoke. Bats were seen making crucial hits by shattering knees and execute skull-cracking set up. That’s just the start. The demo ends with the Sole Survivor dashing between cover points in an open street, avoiding and retaliating against rooftop snipers, just as the Brotherhood of Steel gunship shows up. The aircraft starts showering the road around him with cluster bombs, forcing a frenzied, improvised fight on two fronts, until the Ghouls above send it whirling down into a building nearby. What can be better than Fallout with set-pieces, and authentic, optical display.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter to Android OS
On August 13, Fallout Shelter will be coming to Google Play for Android devices, which are arguably more friendly, more open platforms for the PC gamers. Also, new features will accompany the game’s launch, such as Deathclaw, Mole Rat invasions, and a premium reward in the form of the ever-helpful robot, Mr. Handy. On the same day, this game update will arrive on IOS.

The Elder Scrolls Online

August 31 is the day when the first part of upcoming batch of Elder Scrolls Online:Tamriel Unlimited DLC will arrive. Beginning next week, the DLC will also be available on the ESO public test server. This weekend, it was announced at QuakeCon that the Imperial City DLC will be the first of a series of quarterly DLC releases coming to ESO in the future. Orsinium will be the next release, followed by the Thieves’ Guild and finally a Dark Brotherhood DLC. Anyone who played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion would be familiar with the locale in the Imperial City. Although the events of Elder Scrolls Online take place 700 years before those of Oblivion, the city, its architecture, and layout, are instantly familiar. DLC gear, areas, and other details were given and shown off to fans during the panel.

Controller Support
For the PC version of Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited, controller support is coming. A host of quality of life improvements includes the announcement for the MMO. Elder Scrolls Online will also be getting subtitles, looking-for-game updates, the ability to play with other Alliance members, and removing veteran ranks, in addition to the controller support. According to Bethesda, they’ll be part of the game at no extra charge once the improvements are ready.


Multi-Player Mode Revealed
This weekend, for the first time at QuakeCon 2015, id Software’s long-in-development reboot of its classic shooter series, Doom will be playable by the public. During the show’s opening presentation, id’s Marty Stratton has announced. Attendees got to see an exclusive gameplay video from Doom at last year’s QuakeCon event. That was well ahead of the game’s proper unveiling during Bethesda’s first press conference at E3 2015.

QuakeCon 2015 Doom

Starting today, QuakeCon 2015 attendees will get a chance to play Doom’s multiplayer modes. A fact that got thunderous applause that proves the audience to be very happy about it.

You might get a chance to play it soon even if you didn’t get a chance to make it to QuakeCon this year. A small chance of getting picked to participate in the Doom multiplayer alpha test is possible for folks who purchased and registered Wolfenstein: The New Order. According to Stratton, Those invites should be sent out “soon.”

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