Rift Online – An Overall Rift Guide

Rift Online is one of the newest games to release in the MMORPG genre. Developed and published by Trion Worlds, Rift is one of the major MMOs available right now. Taking place in a world know as Telara, players are given the opportunity to play as one of two factions. They can either choose the more noble faction known as the Guardians, or the Defiant which are a described as a “technomagical” faction.

Deciding which faction to join is the easy part when it comes to character creation. Rift boasts a class system that offers an incredible amount of variety and specialization, making it so that players are able to fully customize their character however they prefer instead of being bound to certain character builds. Rift has what is known as the “Ascended class system”. This system allows players to create a character based off four initial classes : Warrior, Cleric, Rogue and Mage.

These four initial classes each branch of in to eight different specializations, allowing for a wide selection of play styles.

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Rift Online PVP a deeper gaming experience than many other games of the genre. Although it retains some of the more familiar styles of game play such as small scale battlegrounds, it also allows players to head to cross-server Warfronts in order to battle other players in a World PVP setting. The Rift Online PVP system also rewards players for their participation in PVP conflicts. Players are awarded ranks, titles, loot and even unique Souls which allow them to advance their character even further.

Rift offers many of the traditional MMORPG features and at the same time offers a deeper and more detailed system for each of these things. Some of these features are things like guilds, dungeons, auction houses, end-game raids and the aforementioned PVP. Although these are common things to have in this genre Rift attempts to allow players to be more involved which each by adding things such as Artifact collections and Guild quests in order to enhance a players experience by allowing them to earn achievements that matter.

No Rift Online review or Rift guide would be complete without covering the graphical department. The world of Telara is a vibrant and beautiful one, make no mistake about that. Even with its stunning world though, Rift isn’t reliant on a powerhouse gaming system. Virtually any PC is capable of running the game and allowing players to experience its easily accessible HD graphics.

Overall Rift is an incredible game with a deep and engrossing character system that offers plenty of options for any type of player. Any gaming fan of the MMO genre will most likely want to read a Rift Online review. With an excellent variety of both PVE and PVP content available, as well as an involving story line, Rift offers something for everyone which isn’t something that many games of it’s genre are capable of.
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