Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Loading NOW

BioWare has announced that players wishing to pre-load Star Wars: The Old Republic may begin doing so now.  All players, including those who participated in the public betas, will have to update their clients in order to play the game upon launch.  This update, however, is only a patch rather than a full download.

Started your download already and looking for something to fill the remaining minutes before you can dive into the game? Try our SWTOR guide!

On that front, BioWare has made another great announcement: the game’s pre-launch for thsoe with Early Access will begin on Tuesday, December 13th – two days ahead of schedule. Those in queue to get Early Acess will receive their codes on a rolling basis based on when pre-order codes were redeemed.  So the faster you redeem your pre-order code, the sooner you’ll get into Early Access.

The game officially launches on December 20.


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