The Estimated Number for the WildStar Online Players in Its Initial Release

Will WildStar Online be as big as Elder Scrolls Online, which entered launch with 5 million beta players? Or will it be a more tempered release along the lines of TERA, which has hovered around the 1 million player mark.

WildStar Online definitely won’t be a flop, although it also won’t likely become the biggest MMORPG of 2014, at least based on the sales data we have for our class, crafting and leveling guides for the game.

The WildStar official Facebook page, for example, currently has around 200,000 likes. In comparison, The Elder Scrolls Online official Facebook page has a total of 1.8 million likes from fans.

WildStar has also been a solid number of visitors on its official website,, but still overshadowed by the popularity of Elder Scrolls Online’s official website.’s Alexa Global rank – which tracks a website’s popularity in the world – is currently at 21,924. In the United States, it is even more popular, reaching 8,505 in the Alexa US rankings. In comparison, the Elder Scrolls online official website has an Alexa Global rank of 3,581, and with an even higher Alexa US rank of 1,957.

wildstar-alexa-rank eso-alexa-rank

Strategy time

Some may argue that it’s unfair to compare WildStar to Elder Scrolls Online, which has already fully launched starting April 4, but it’s not as if WildStar’s release date is too far off into the horizon. WildStar is set to release on June 3 – less than two months from now. The disparity between WildStar and Elder Scrolls Online suggests that Carbine Studios will need to seriously ramp up its promotions to generate more buzz for its fun sandbox MMORPG if it hopes to beat its dark fantasy, PvP-heavy rival. If anything, Carbine Studios should focus on locking in its Western fanbase, which seem to be its core markets.

North American and European gamers count as the most frequent visitors to WildStar’s official website. Country statistics show the most interest comes from United States, France, Germany and United Kingdom – accounting for more than 55% of total visitors to the website.

Carbine Studios might also want to feature more prominently its unique races and classes that serve as one of the strongest draws for fans.

aurin chua

Alexa data show that fans that arrive on the official website do so by searching the keywords “Chua”, a race of rodent-like sociopathic inventors from the Dominion faction, and the “Aurin”, a race of long-eared forest dwellers from the Exiles faction. Also a highly searched keyword among fans is the Esper class, a psyblade-wielding ranged caster and healer, available to both factions.

Our guess is that it will launch with less than a million players, but will steadily exceed that number and grow in fan base as positive word of mouth makes it a must-play mmorpg. Designed to be appealing to a wide variety of gamers with its colorful cartoony graphics and easy-to-learn action combat mechanics, the game is one that can be easily embraced by casual gamers with enough good recommendations from friends.


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