Top 5 MMORPGs of 2013

In the past couple of months, we’ve been introduced to or seen a lot of information on games that are releasing this year.  Some have seen some marketing already and most of us who follow gaming news have a pretty good idea of what’s going to hit the Internet this year as the most-anticipated role-playing MMOs for 2013.

So here’s a quick rundown list of what I consider the top 5 headed for debut in 2013.

#5 – MechWarrior Online

The MechWarrior franchise has been a favorite console game for many for years.  This is basically the online, multiplayer version of the latest rendition with a lot of tweaks to make it more massive multiplayer friendly.  It will be based on teams of 8 going head-to-head on large maps of various terrain types.  Sort of like a futuristic World of Tanks.

The game layout and play are similar to, but not the same as the console version.  Most of your play skill will be focused on controlling your Mech, which is controlled in two ways – legs (movement) and torso (view/firing).  Joining factions can yield perks and bonuses as well as specializations.

#4 – Dust 514

This is a first person shooter set as an MMO and with some RPG elements.   It’s basically an FPS for EVE Online and the storylines and such of EVE will affect Dust 514.  Think of this one as the PlayStation version of EVE, since it will be primarily focused on that platform.

The game is a great one, despite not truly being an MMORPG.  Players are basically infantry troops dispatched from space ships to battle on various planets in the EVE universe.  Most of the controls and play revolve around the usual humanoid (with “battlesuits” and upgrades) that appear in most FPS games.

#3 – Firefall

This is a third person shooter set up as an MMO and with a lot of RPG thanks to its strong emphasis on cooperative play.  The legal battles over who owns Firefall are over and the developers and producer are ready to go live.  Created by former Blizzard Entertainment designers, the game has clear World of Warcraft and Starcraft connotations in some of its graphical content.  But the game play is very different from WoW or SC.

The fight is to reclaim earth after alien aggressors have taken it over.  Battling these Chosen requires cooperation between the heroes (players) and takes place on an open world with storylines that work in a personalized way similar to Guild Wars 2.

#2 – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The FF franchise is a love it or hate it entity.  Some players can’t stand the games while others treat them with the awe usually reserved for religious figures.  Whatever your take, you have to admit that the soon-to-release Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is going to be awesome.  Basically, they’re dumping the former FFXIV and rebooting it as a new build and they’ve managed, so far as I’ve seen, to do so with excellence.

Despite not being a fan of FF, I have to give props here.  The graphics are some of the best you’ll ever see.. in any game.  The game play is highly story driven, something most MMO RPGs today can’t really claim, and the difficult learning curve of the former renditions game play has been replaced by a smarter control system.

Killer Guides is also going to update their leveling, class and gil guides for the 2.0 version of the game (existing customers get free updates!).

#1 – The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s almost cliche to call ESO the best release of 2013.  Nearly every list seems to have it there (including our resident writer, Scott Campbell).  But do you know what?  That’s because it deserves it.  This game is set within the already-uber-popular Skyrim and Oblivion universe and is a prequel to the popular single player games that have dominated many a gamer’s obsessions.

Players choose one of three factions seeking dominance in Tamriel and play in a story that takes place during the time of legends a thousand years before the current RPG.  From graphics to game play to the excellent, story-driven MMORPG encapsulated in tis game, it’s definitely deserving of the top spot on this list.

Killer Guides is already working on a leveling guide for the game.

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