Why ESO Will Become the King of MMO and the Estimated Number of ESO Subscribers

With all the free to play games coming out of the woodwork, Elder Scrolls Online raised a lot of eyebrows when it said it will be launching as a purely subscription-based MMORPG.

Unlike games like Star Wars the Old Republic that operate on an optional subscription scheme – where you can play for free or upgrade to a monthly sub to unlock item perks and service privileges – Elder Scrolls Online requires you to shell out $14.99 a month on top of the box purchase price to play it.

The decision has its fair share of supporters, believing that the subscription model may help Elder Scrolls Online become the biggest MMO launching in 2014 in terms of revenue earned.

Subscription Model Still Rakes in Millions

One of the defenders to the Elder Scrolls Online subscription model is industry veteran and Goblinworks CEO Ryan Dancey.

By gathering publicly available data as well as interviewing industry insiders, he estimates that Western subscription-based MMORPGs like Elder Scrolls Online still rake in around $100 million a month in revenue. Here he lists the top Western MMORPGs with subscription revenues:

Top Western MMORPGs Subscription Revenue

Dancey explains the popularity of subscription MMORPGs in the West: “In the West subscriptions are a preferred system for many consumers.  People like the ease of not having to worry about paying to play a game every time they log in.”

“They like the idea of paying a known, fixed price and not feeling required to “pay to win” when they play.  Subscription services are extremely commonplace: cell phones; cable/internet service; Hulu; Netflix; health clubs, etc. are a common facet of everyday life.”


Cross-Platform Potential and Current Popularity

Add to this the fact that Elder Scrolls Online will be launching as a cross-platform game on the PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, consoles which are very popular in the West, and it’s easy to see why the subscription-only model will likely work.

While we don’t have actual subscriber numbers yet – Elder Scrolls Online releases April 4 on the PC and June on both consoles – it has attracted rabid and spend-happy fans.

Elder Scrolls Online gameplay videos and trailers get millions of views, while YouTube channels dedicated to the game are already racking up 100,000 subscribers. VentureBeat also reports that the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition is selling roughly 5x as fast as the Standard Edition.

These data trends suggest that the Elder Scrolls Online subscriber base will likely be large and deep-pocketed, and just maybe help crown Elder Scrolls Online as the biggest MMO success in 2014.

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