WildStar Hits 200,000 Facebook Fan Likes As Special Access Weekend Ends

Carbine Studios should be a bit ecstatic now that their WildStar Facebook page has reached a record 200,000 fan likes. Many of these new likes probably came from players who secured one of the 40,000 beta keys given out in the past week and came away impressed after participating in the last WildStar special access weekend.

Sure, it may not be as massive a fan following as compared to its mmorpg rivals like Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft (which have 1.8 million and 5.5 million fans, respectively) but it is a new high for their page. The Facebook fan spike also comes at a crucial time as the game goes into the last stretch of its WildStar preorders and approaches the June 3 official release.


Wildstar preorders began more than a month ago on March 19 with players able to preorder either the Standard Edition ($54.99) or the Digital Deluxe Edition ($74.99).Carbine Studios has not yet announced how many have preordered the game, but signs point to a warm reception among fans. Pre-orders for our very own Wildstar guide seem to be reinforcing that impression.

In a recent Reddit poll posted in late March, it was asked: “Will you preorder Wildstar?” 1,774 or 75% of the respondents said “Yes”, 359 or 15% said they “Don’t Know Yet”, and a relatively minor 243 or 10% said “No”.

Will You Preorder Wildstar

A steady rise in Facebook fans is an encouraging sign for WildStar’s chances in becoming one of the sleeper hits in 2014.

We’ve already touched on why we think WildStar will likely launch with less than a million users, but the new Facebook fan milestone gives hope that they may surprise on the upside.

The power of Facebook in hyping up new mmorpg launches should not be underestimated. One new fan may indirectly recruit multiple new fans when seeing their friends playing WildStar through their news feeds. The recommendation potential grows even stronger when the new fan starts posting videos and tagging friends to come play with him or her in WildStar.

But it should also be considered that males 18-24 – a core market for WildStar and mmorpg games in general – are the least likely to make a purchase based on a Facebook friend’s recommendation. That means WildStar fans will likely need to seriously gush about the game to convert their friends into fans and pick up the game.

In case you decided to give Wildstar a try yourself, I recommend you do so with the help of these amazing strategy guides for the game.

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