WoD PVE : A Primer in 5 Main Dungeons

Player versus environment (PVE) gameplay has always been a substantial part of World of Warcraft. Blizzard pours tons of resources into making WoWs PVE experience fun and challenging. The structure of PVE has gradually evolved throughout World of Warcrafts lifespan and players can expect many new and exciting things to come with WoD. The advent of WoD will bring with it eight new dungeons, three new raids, and many changes to raid composition. In this article we will be focusing primarily on pre-raiding content.

In WoD, much like earlier titles, PVE will be the primary means of reaching level 100. On the journey to level 100, players will have access to four leveling dungeons. Leveling dungeons being instances that are accessible before max level, with a heroic mode accessible at level 100. The remaining four dungeons added in WoD will drop higher item level loot, and only be accessible at level 100. Blizzard decided to implement max level dungeons to bridge the gap between heroic and normal content, allowing them to make heroic dungeons a bit more challenging.

Bringing the Hard back to Heroics.

Historically, challenging content and random groups didnt mix very well, after all item level has never been an accurate measure of skill or experience in a role. To battle the age old problem of people who have never tanked attempting to tank heroic content, Blizzard plans on using Proving Grounds as a crash course. Added in patch 5.4, Proving Grounds started as a way for new players to gain experience in a role of their choice, or seasoned players to try and achieve gold. WoD will be using them in a very different way. Simply put, in order to queue for a role, the player has to obtain at least a silver metal in the relevant Proving Ground. A gold metal for DPS will not be good enough to tank a heroic instance regardless of item level. The silver standard is only required for the Matchmaking queue, a group of 5 friends can zone into the instance with out any prerequisites.

While current instances that all drop unique gear, Blizzard is streamlining whats drop in WoD making choosing gear a bit more simple. Bosses will often drop gear of the same name, state allocation, and appearance with their only difference being item level. Heroic dungeons also have a chance to drop more powerful Warforged” items. These rare Warforged promise to keep WoD Heroics relevant even after raiding .

New Instances

New instances in WoD will take players all around Dreanor and pit them against what is sure to be some of the most challenging and unique content to ever hit World of Warcraft. Among these new experiences is Grimrail Depot, an instance that actually takes place on a moving train called Grimrail. This behemoth of a train has the capacity to carry legions of the iron horde and sports a gigantic railgun capable of bringing any outpost to its knees. Normal Grimrail Depot is a level 100 instance that will feature 3 bosses and drop ilvl 615 gear.

Unlike MoP, Blizzard promises to release additional max level Heroic content in WoD. After initial release. Players can expect new and exciting dungeons throughout WoDs life cycle, keeping it interesting and fresh.

PVE content has always been an important part of keeping players engaged in the World of Warcraft. Dungeons in WoD are the culmination of 10 years of design experience and promise to be some of the best PVE content to date.

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