World Of Warcraft: Garrison

Over the last 10 years, Blizzard has demonstrated the astounding ability to reinvent World of Warcraft with each expansion. Warlords of Draenor (WoD) promises to bring a number of interesting new features to WoW. Among these new features is World of Warcraft’s version of player housing, Garrisons.

Garrisons are kind of confusing, and getting to know them can be even more so. Since they are going to be such an integral part of WoD, it is a good idea to try and get a decent idea about exactly what they are and why they are so important.


What is a Garrison?

In classic Blizzard fashion, Garrisons promise to be a lot more than just a place for your character to stay after you logout. While Archeology and Pet Battles were exciting additions to World of Warcraft, neither had the type of impact of the game that Garrisons will.

A Garrison is essentially the players home base on the hostile world of Draenor, a base of operations that will level and grow at the same rate the player does. While journeying through Draenor, players will be able to recruit a variety of followers to send on missions and choosing exactly which buildings will make up their Garrison.



What is a Town Without Buildings?

As you level up, your Garrison will expand, giving you the opportunity to create different types of buildings. Throughout your Garrison, there will be different sized plots that can be used to fit different sized buildings. The building sizes are large, medium, and small, each one consisting of at least 5 available buildings.

In order to actually build a structure the player needs to own blueprints,which can be found throughout the game through quests, dungeons, or raids. Each of these buildings have specific benefits. Buildings have three levels each with additional benefits that are unlocked as you level them. Constructing more buildings in your garrison attracts more followers to your Garrison allowing you to recruit more Followers and improve your ability to complete Missions.

Why do I even need Followers?

First and foremost, followers will be a critical part of keeping your Garrison up and running. By sending them out on missions they will collect resources to keep the Garrison in working order. Along with resources , Followers also have a chance to bring epic gear and treasures from their missions.

In an interview with Venture Beat WOW’s lead designer Cory Stockton, he mentioned that at max level, Followers can provide spec specific epic gear. Stockton also mentioned that followers will be able to provide players with gear that will level with you between 90 and 100, similar to heirloom gear.

Followers will level by completing different missions. These missions are broken up into four sub-categories, each one taking a different amount of time with the chance of being awarded loot based on the difficulty of the mission.
Each follower in your garrison is unique and has its own character level, item level and traits that can help them out with different tasks. Similar to battle pets, each follower will be well suited for different types of missions. For example, Hamfist Facewrecker, a warrior with Dragonbane, who would be able to easily mow down draconic foes. Choosing the right follower for the right mission is critical to having a successful Garrison. If you want some shortcut to it, check out our WoW WoD guide.

See you in Draenor!


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