Age of Empires MMO Release Date Announced

This week, Gas Powered Games announced the official release date of Age of Empires Online to be August 16, 2011.  The development of spin-off of the incredibly successful Age of Empires Real-Time Strategy (RTS) has been public for more than a year.

According to TFTS, the game will be available for digital download free of charge, but subscribers can also hit up a retailer to purchase it for $19.99 USD.  Of course, the retail version will have some premium goodies, as do most “Freemium” online games these days.  Here are a few of the bonuses from the retail version:

Greek civilization unlock (only the Egyptians are playable in the freemium version)

Windy’s Wild Widgets Store, where you can buy and sell unique items that will help you achieve your goals of destroying everything else (this bonus is a retail exclusive)

Hotkey reference card

Limited-edition poster and Advisor cards

Premium content packs will also be available for an additional $19.99 USD, which includes the retail version’s bonuses and new terrains.  Add-on packs will be available at release for those looking for storyline progression, new maps, and game modes and will run for $9.99 USD.

Check out the Age of Empires Online website here for more details.

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