Aion Empyrean Calling Launches Today

The much anticipated Patch 2.5 content update for Aion, named Empryean Calling, went live today in North American and Europe, along with an announcement from NCSoft of a reactivation promotion.  During the promotion, players can participate in in-game events and an item giveaway, Daeva-Palooza. Here’s a list of in-game events:

The ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ Rifting Event, which removes the defensive buffs in Heiron and Beluslan!

The ‘Increased XP Event’, which increases the amount of experience players gain from slaying monsters!

The Gateway Getaway Event, which introduces special entrance gates granting access to Abyss Fortress treasure rooms and the Silentera Canyon.

The ‘Atreia’s Artisan Expo’ Event, which allows players to level their crafting and gathering professions at an accelerated rate!

The patch features a cafeteria of new goodies, including a graphic engine upgrade, and added features to audio and the UI panel.  But of course, the patch features a significant update to content and new items.  Daeva’s can customize their wardrobe with exclusive designer outifts and will get to boost certain items and gear with the new enhancement system called Conditioning.  New pets will also be available and a your compansions will have a “mood meter”.

Along with some new and nifty class skills, upgrades and quest, 2.5 introduces two new instances, Empyrean Crucible and Esoterrace, which will throw waves of enemies at players, progressing in difficulty.

Check out the full details of the reactivation program on the Aion website.  Patch 2.5 notes can be found on the forums here.

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