Black Prophecy Add-On Announced

Gamigo and the developers of Black Prophecy announced today that the game’s first add-on will be available to players in the near future.  The add-on will feature a new zone, called Enzo’s Enigmatic Emporium of Exotic Elegance, available to players once they reach level 15.  The new area will be used as a central hub for new missions and quests, in addition to serving as a marketplace.  Players can expect release of the add-on some time in early July.

New combat special abilities will also be included in the add-on, allowing characters to swap offensive, defensive and support powers.  Players who specialize in explosives will get new weapon options that may improve explosive chains.

Here are a few more features of the add-on:

Another new feature in the Black Prophecy universe is bound sectors: Pilots play their way from one sector to the next. The passages to the next region are generally guarded by particularly strong opponents that can only be defeated by a powerful group. The Tulima sector will be the first to see this feature, with additional sectors following suit.

To improve communication between pilots, the message system has been completely revamped: Pilots can recognize their friends by their avatar and talk to them in a separate window. The new in-game e-mail system also permits sending items by cash on delivery to other players.

Check out more details on the Black Prophecy site.

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