Black Prophecy North American Open Beta Begins

Today, Reakktor and Gamigo announced today that Black Prophecy Open Beta begins today for North America.  Here are details directly from the Black Prophecy website:

As of today the U.S. the open beta has started and all rookie and veteran pilots are invited to jump into their cockpits to experience the fast and action-packed Black Prophecy universe.

All previous closed beta accounts and characters remain untouched.

The Black Prophecy U.S. beta client download has also been updated in order to support Raptr and you will now be asked if you want to install the Raptr client during the game installation. For more information about Raptr please visit

This new installation files are not mandatory and you can play the Black Prophecy open beta with your current closed beta client installation.

Black Prophecy is a real-time 3D open world space combat action game with MMO elements.  While the game is still in the testing phases in North America, it premiered in Europe in March 2011.  MMO elements includes a heavy and involved crafting system used to create ship augmentations and parts, player versus player combat, customization of pilot avatars, guilds/clans and a player progression system.

For more information on the open beta, register for an account here.

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