City of Heroes To Begin VIP Head Start Tomorrow

Paragon Studios and the City of Heroes team have announced that current subscribers with VIP status can log into the City of Heroes: Freedom version of the game beginning tomorrow, September 13.

Players will have access to the Paragon Market, the First Ward cooperative zone, and participate in costume contests and play in trials hosted by the development team.  Invasions across all servers and special bundles and promotions will also be happening during this VIP event.

Those whose subscriptions have lapsed can reactivate their accounts and take advantage of this as well.

The game is a freemium model, per the announcement:

Pay for the content and features that you want. Choose to play for free, or become a VIP player and command VIP service. WithCity of Heroes Freedom, you don’t have to buy the game or pay a monthly fee to play. You can download the game and play for free for as long as you wish. If you upgrade to VIP player status you will unlock a bounty of content and benefits. You can also buy a variety of content and services from a new in-game store.


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