DC Universe Online: Update 3 Goes Live

Today, Sony Online Entertainment announced on its DCUO forums that Update 3 for DC Universe Online went live today.  Server maintenance for the update was slated for 2 hours. 

Here are some details of what the update is bringing:

New Alert – 4 players will have the chance to infiltrate the secret lair of Ra’s Al Ghul, fight their way through the League of Assassins and attempt to stop them from destroying the earth!  Look for “Lady in Waiting” in your Mission Journal to begin. 

Oolong Island Hard Mode – Return to Oolong Island for new and exciting hard mode challenges against Chang Tzu, Metal Men, and many more enemies.

New Themed Missions – Help Poison Ivy or Swamp Thing fight for control of “The Green” and show who has the bigger green thumb.  Look for Swamp Thing in the Watchtower and Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom.

New Appearance Items – Collect new themed seasonal items which will put a “spring” in your step. 

New Two Face Duo – Return to Gotham Underground with a friend and take on The Penguin.  Beware this new challenge waits and you could meet not only Clayface, but your demise. 

Report Function – Player misconduct can now be reported with /report.

Chat Font Size – Players can now adjust the size of their Chat font using the Options and Settings Menu. 

The update also brings fixes to some significant exploits and bugs experienced in instanced areas.  Check out the full details here.

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