Dragon Nest Closed Beta Set for June 15

Today, Nexon announced that it’s newest project, Dragon Nest, is ready for closed beta testing and will begin June 15 and will end on June 20.

The closed beta was previously delayed a month to polish game mechanics and fix bugs discovered in the alpha phase of testing.  Closed beta applications are no longer being accepted by Nexon, but the developer will provide daily updates during testing through its website and facebook page.

According to the website, Nexon is promising that Dragon Nest will be “the fasting moving MMO you’ve ever seen”.  Dragon Nest is touted to be a fast-paced MMO with a game system that focuses on building combinations through successive actions.  Players will be able to choose from four different classes: Sorcerer, Cleric, Warrior and Archer, each with their own unique special abilities.  The game will also have an empowerment system, which rewards players for their time in the virtual realm, rather than relying on a fatigue system, which diminishes the return on such things as instance drops and experience points based on length of time in-game.

For Korean-based Nexon, Dragon Nest will be third North American free-to-play title it has released.  Other titles from Nexon are the highly successful Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online.


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