Dragon Nest Theater of War Brings New PvP

Nexon’s recent update to Dragons Nest, Theater of War, adds on several new player vs. player (PvP) content upgrades.  New player vs. environment (PvE) updates were also included.

A makeover to the older PvP modes has been undertaken, changing some of the clunkier aspects of the game play from before.  New modes called Protect-the-Captain, Free-for-All, and Ladder give more options for game play in PvP.  In addition, the Ghoul mode has been updated to include some cool new features while playing.

Chaos Rift Kamala and Chaos Rift Viera were added for PvE dungeons.  These are for characters of level 24 and up and of level 32 repsectively.  Both are random dungeons so that they are not the same every time and are playable only on Abyss mode difficulty.

Other additions include the first ever mount, the Royal Crimson Stallion, which can be had through purchase of a Dragon Egg (Gachapon) on the Dragon Vault.


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