Dungeons and Dragons Online: Secrets of the Artificers Announced

Turbine has revealed details on the upcoming update for DDO Eberron Unlimited. The new patch, titled Secrets of the Artificers is set to launch this September and will bring fresh content such as the Artificer class, new high-level quest hub, new crafting levels, etc.


  • New Artificer Class – A blend of Rogue and Arcane classes, the Artificer uses specially created weapons and mechanical pets to challenge their foes
  • New House Cannith Enclave – Home of the Artificers, House Cannith is a new high level quest hub where magic and mechanics converge.
  • New Content –Born in war, forged in fury, Stormreach faces its most terrible foe yet.
  • New Crafting Levels – Craft all the way to level 150. Plus, craft Draconic Runestones, a new magical weapon available to all classes.

The Secrets of the Artificers Premium Adventure Pack will be available in the DDO Store and Free to VIPs, and includes:

  • Two new high level Raids
  • New wilderness area
  • 3 new dungeons

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