Dust 514 Brings FPS to EVE Online

After two years of development, CCP Games unveiled a fully functional demonstration of its upcoming first person shooter, Dust 514, earlier this week at E3.  At the same time, the developers also released some detailed information on what players can expect from the game.  CCP Games also announced that Dust 514 will be available exclusively for the Playstation 3.

Set in the EVE Online universe, Dust 514 is described as a hybrid FPS and MMO game.  Here’s what CCP Creative Director Atli Mar has to say about it:

This is a different play experience from what most console players have come to expect. For DUST 514 to work, the MMO and FPS aspects must be seamlessly merged to the point that both feed and fuel one other. It’s all about persistence. Your victories, your failures and your decisions stay with you always. For better or worse, every minute spent in our world counts. Every action you take matters.

DUST 514 shares its setting with, and is connected in real-time with our PC MMO, EVE Online. The setting is one single, open galaxy with thousands of solar systems, where players continually struggle against each other for territorial control and access to the most valuable resources.

Dust 514 players will have access to MMO-type aspects, such as an inbox, an economy to purchase new weapons and armor, and interaction with EVE Online players to take on contracts and coordinate air and ground battles.

The release date is slated for summer 2012.


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