Eden Eternal Open Beta Commences

The developers of Eden Eternal have announced that Open Beta began on June 15, 2011.  The Open Beta will run at least one week, and returning closed beta players will be rewarded for their participation in the next phase of testing.  A new level cap, along with the introduction of two new classes and a contest to win 1 million in in-game currency are just a few of the events happening during Open Beta.

Here a some highlights for the Eden Eternal Open Beta session:

  • Level Cap Increase: The level cap has been increased from 40 to 50. New high level content now available!

  • New Available Classes: Blade Dancer and Shaman can now be unlocked.

  • Monster Invasions: Keep your eyes out on the minimap for a Skull and Crossbones! These are event monsters, and if left on their own too long, they may attack a town. If they successfully destroy the blue town stone, it will turn red and NPCs will sadly be.. *sniffle* gone.. until the red stone is smashed to pieces. Check here for details

  • Single-Player Dungeons: Dungeons now auto-adjust for soloing, but don’t worry! They’re still a challenge. Buhahaha.

  • Rotten III – Fixed: This quest has been updated to no longer require the item – however, to spawn Jesse you must first kill one of the other bosses!

  • Bot Prevention: We’ve implemented captcha – prove your humanity, folks, and get an exp boost! ^_^

  • Unique Character Names: No longer can you create the same name with different CaPs or cApS. So no stealing my name!

  • Check out more on the Eden Eternal forums.

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