Estimated Number of Players in WildStar Online So Far

Without any official numbers being reported by an MMORPG’s developer and/or publisher, it’s hard to say how many players are playing a game. It’s also difficult to guess how many subscriptions will make it from the first free month of a game and continue to a game’s second month when subscription fees begin. Many members of the gaming community are curious about how the numbers look for WildStar currently, but the truth is that it’s anyone’s guess right now.

What we can do, however, is make an educated guess. Now, it’s important to remember that WildStar is still in its first free month of playtime. In a couple of weeks the real numbers will begin to make themselves apparent. One thing we can look at now is whether or not WildStar’s launch was successful, if players are happy and what hints we’re getting from Carbine regarding the numbers they’re seeing.


WildStar’s launch was fairly successful with all things considered. There were a few hiccups regarding server queues and launch issues, but the development team quickly opened new servers and offered players free server transfers which helped a great deal. Most players who are still leveling or just getting into endgame are quite happy with the game overall, but the amount of game-impacting bugs and botting both are beginning to have a negative effect for a significant amount of players. Both issues need to be dealt with, but players in general also realize that every MMORPG begins with a few hiccups.

On the positive side, WildStar’s Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney, made a comment on Reddit on June 18th that reflects highly on the numbers the company is seeing so far. He wrote that they are seeing “4-5 times the open beta concurrency” of players thus far. This could be an excellent sign for the game, especially if most of these players continue subscribing after the first month is up.

Most players are speculating that this could mean that WildStar could have around 1 million players at the moment. Other speculations place that number slightly lower, somewhere in the range of 600k-750k perhaps. Either way, the population is definitely healthy at the moment and may either flourish or decrease after players begin having to pay for subscriptions.m3YrQX7

These kind of figures are also responsible for Killer Guides releasing three distinctive guides for the game (for crafting, classes and leveling). On the other hand it’s less than what we had for Elder Scrolls Online – the biggest MMORPG launch this year – for which we published a total of eight guides.

One other thing to make note of is the fact that individual server population isn’t currently a good way to speculate about overall game population. WildStar’s servers hold more players than many other current MMORPGs, so even when a server registers as being within the “medium” population range, it’s likely that the server has more players than other games with “medium” ranges. It’s also difficult to get an idea of server population based on the population in starting zones, etc., due to the game’s phasing technology. Carbine staff members have commented on both issues on the official forums.

WildStar was hyped to be a game that would claim a fair chunk of players from World of Warcraft and similar newer titles like Elder Scrolls Online. Did it? Perhaps, but honestly it’s far too soon to tell. If the speculations as noted above are accurate, stay accurate and even grow as the months continue, WildStar will definitely become a serious contender in the market of MMORPGs. It’s a game with a lot to offer– especially for gamers who are looking for something a little more challenging and engaging in the small team PvE/PvP spectrum. Raiders and housing enthusiasts, of course, will also find a lot to love in WildStar.

Has WildStar succeeded or flopped? It’s too early to tell, but if Carbine plays their cards right and makes improvements, it’s likely that the game can indeed be considered a success.

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