Ether Saga Odyssey “Future’s End” Expansion Announced

Perfect World Entertainment reveals that a new content update for Ether Saga Odyssey, titled Future’s End is set to launch next Wednesday, August 17th. To commemorate the event, all players who login to play ESO between August 10 to 17 will automatically receive double XP. More information on the update as detailed in the official site follow:

“The age of mortals has drawn to an end. The once peaceful and enlightened lands of The Middle Kingdom lie in ruin, and the last remnants of its inhabitants tremble under the dominion of monstrous hordes. All is not lost, however, for in this time where mortals face extinction, a glimmer of hope lingers on the horizon. The ancestors of the now decimated civilizations of the world have travelled from ages long past to safeguard the future. In order to prevent this tragedy from ever occurring, they seek to learn what events lead to the demise of their world. As one of these brave warriors, the fate of future is in your hands.



Future’s End refers to the brand new area where players will journey through time to a bleak future where the monsters rule and the mortals are hunted. Any player that is level 106 or above can speak with the Queen Zonis of Amaz to enter Future’s End. Be warned, the monsters you’ll be facing in Future’s End are much stronger than anything that players have ever experienced!

The update will introduce some of the most powerful equipment the game has ever seen. The new Dragon Lord and Genesis equipment will be the most sought after equipment in the game. Players can use the new Glyph system to enchant the Dragon Lord and Genesis equipment to further increase their power.”

The new update also brings many big changes to Ether Saga Odyssey outside of Future’s End. Player’s will discover new world bosses, such as the tyrannical Astral Overlord. Many of the new bosses can be found in the two new adventures: Twisted Moon and Sacred Hunt.”

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