Eve Online Launches Incarna Today

After months of buildup, the highly anticipated summer update, Incarna, for Eve Online launched today.  One of the bright spots in the update is the Captain’s Quarters, provides a 3D user interface and a full view of a player’s character.  Incarna also brings some redesigns to turrets, quests and animations to accomodate the use of an avatar in the Captain’s Quarters.  Here are a few features introduced by Incarna:


  • The starship Maller has been redesigned to be sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing.

Captain’s Quarters

  • Station hangar has been replaced by the Captain’s Quarters, and capsuleers can step out of their pods.
  • The main screen will provide real time information on in-game current events, including shifts in power, incursions and the Interstellar Newsfeed.
  • Avatar movement and control over player character is available.

Character Creation

  • All players will be required to create an avatar for their characters, and new players will begin their journey from the Captain’s Quarters, instead of space.
  • Starting missions have been redesigned, along with tutorials.
  • Aura is being reintroduced as an Agent, and will be in charge of getting new players acquainted with the game.

Incarna also introduces six new missions, a virtual store and a number of fixes to bugs.

Check out the full details here.

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