Everquest II Update 60 Goes Live

Today Sony Online Entertainment announced that EQII’s newest content update, The Children of War went live.  The update brings a huge number of changes to the PVP system, in addition to some new heroic dungeons and raids.

Patch details can be found on the EQII community forums, but here are some highlights:

Delve into Drunder’s:

  • Three new Heroic Dungeons – Spire of Rage – Strategist’s Stronghold – Tower of Tactics
  • Three new x4 Raids – Sullon’s Spire – Tallon’s Stronghold – Vallon’s Tower [Normal and Challenge]
  • One new x2 Raid – Citadel of V’uul


  • Infamy will now be on a limited ranking system.
  • At the end of each season, the rankings will reset and a new season of hunting will begin with everyone.
  • There will be chat messages with the amount of infamy/fame gained or lost whenever it is gained or lost.
  • There is no multiplier for difference in rank when killing another player for infamy. Killing a hunter gives the same amount no matter what the killer’s rank is.
  • Exiles do not gain fame or infamy. They do not cause loss when killing others, nor do they take a share of rewards when assisting others.

Battlegrounds Updates

  • A new battleground has been added, “The Frozen Tundra”.  It includes a new match type called “Vanquish”.
  • There is now a battleground lobby (Champion’s Respite)!
    • In the lobby you can chat, group and/or raid up with other battleground players across all servers and can queue together for battlegrounds.
    • In the lobby you can use the vendors to purchase new battleground gear between matches.
    • When you would like to return to your home server, click the portal object in the middle of the zone or press the exit button in the upper right while you are in the lobby!
    • When you complete a match you will be returned to the lobby, to make for shorter zoning times between matches.
    • A portal to the Champion’s Respite can now be found near the Scions of Discord.

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