FFXIV Devs Release “Blueprint” for Changes

In a display of both transparency and committment to change, Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida has released, in chart form, his all encompassing vision of what the future may look like for Eorzians.  The free-to-play “sequel” to the 2003 Final Fantasy XI has mostly been a bust, but a renewed energy brought in by the new development team shows potential.

In his “Producer’s Letter”, published on May 20, Yoshida presents his team’s plan in a 3 phase format: Planned, Current Tasks, Future Tasks.  It’s broken down in to many categories, ranging from UI and the battle system, to new content and the class system.

It’s a wish list to many players, and a daunting task for the development team.  And, as Yoshida notes, this is only the short term plan.

On the hot topic of battle, as our lead battle planner Akihiko Matsui posted on the forums the other day, major changes are in store heading into summer, such as the introduction of auto-attack. Now, to make Matsui stop his incessant poking (he’s still at it!), let me put it this way—the theme of the overhaul to the battle system is reward effort, reduce monotony. Let’s see if that holds off the pokes.

New content and changes to the UI and battle system are major complaints from most players.  But a quick glance at Yoshida’s plans really shows how deep the new will need to go in order to win the hearts of current and future player bases.

Check out the massive list for yourself at the FFXIV Lodestone.

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