FFXIV Merging Servers

Fresh in from our resident Square Enix expert, Matthew Suttles: “World Merge” next month for the popular Final Fantasy XIV MMO.  The server merge will mean cutting servers from 18 down to 10 as the game consolidates and streamlines.

The developers have not given a reason beyond the “streamlining” of this World Merge, but most likely it’s due to a flagging player base and over-extended resources.  FFXIV was once one of the most-played MMO RPGs in the genre, but has been losing market share to competitors for years.  The merge also prepares the game for its next major upgrade, FFXIV Version 2.0.

Beginning on March 1, players will be asked to choose a server to have their characters reassigned to.  On March 19, players will begin playing on their newly-chosen servers and on March 27, the 8 servers being shut down will be merged and removed.

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